Friday, July 01, 2011

The Monsoon axis trough line has moved further North, and is positioned absolutely at the Himalayan foothills, along utterakhand and running along the Nepal border with India.

As discussed yesterday, heavy rains have lashed Nepal today. The heaviest being 113 mms at Pokhra, 107 mms at Bhairahawa, 90 mms at Dharan and 74 mms at Kathmandu. The capital had a pleasant day today (Friday) with the temperature ranging between 27c and 19c.

Quoting Neeraj who sent this yesterday:-"yes.. And look at the temperatures for today

Kathmandu : min 20 max 25.6 (max little low but in ok range)
Bhairahawa : min 25.4 max 26.2 ( hardly any difference between min and max)
Simara : min 24.2 max 25.5 (again hardly any difference)

Simara would be 6-8 degrees hotter than KTM on normal days in summer.
But not today.."

Heavy rains are also reported from North Bihar and U.P. adjoining Nepal.

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