Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Low pressure forms in Bay of the Orissa coast. BB2 bang on schedule. Presently at 1000 mb, not expected to deepen much, but track inland towards M.P. Gradual increase in rainfall from Orissa thru East M.P. and East Vid. 
Mumbai rainfall expected to increase tomorrow as forecasted. Details in evening post.


Pradeep said...

Kollur, Karnataka again tops South India charts with 120 mm rainfall It has now got 292 cm rainfall in 35 days. Which is Cherrapunji Style

Anonymous said...

I am again sceptic about this low bringing any meaningful rainfall to Konkan ghats and Mumbai lakes. the low is weak and has not formed at the sweet spot in bay. i hope rain does not again elude Mumbaikars and Puneites

Regards, Ananth

Ron said...

Met says an UAC near westcentral bob...isn't that somewhere near vishakapatnam or am i mistaken??Pls correct me if possible

Rajesh said...

Pradeep: Kollur is King this year !!Of-course this place will cross Agumbe, and Gagnbavda. Mshwar is lagging far behind.Maybe it started to fall behind after I measured the rain there personally... lol (See profile pic. its of Mshwar).

Ron.Ananth.Vagaries' view point is expressed tonite. Ananth, Pune is not going to get much..anyway, lets see...

Pradeep said...

Dear Rajesh,

I too agree with you. Kollur is undisputed king this year.


All 500 cm club members lagging behind.

Cherrapunji too has to do lot of catching. I checked the daily rainfall Kollur got in last July and August. Its pretty heavy.

I think even Cherrapunji will find it difficult to catch up with Kollur this year

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