Wednesday, October 03, 2012

The trough along Maharashtra shown in the morning post has brought good rainfall in the interiors on Tuesday. Parched Marathwada got good rains, with Latur showing 45 mms and Buldana 38 mms. Several stations Rahurai in Nagar district got 14 mms. Jalgaon received 6 mms. These are fairly good figures for the stations mentioned.
Coastal Karnataka got good rainfall with Mangalore getting 44 mms till evening.

The UAC off the Goa coast remains, and the UAC over North AP has weakened slightly.
Resultantly, the trough running along Maharashtra has weakened as of late night Tuesday. On Wednesday, we can expect reduced rainfall in interior Maharashtra.

As on schedule, expecting the Monsoon parameters to retreat the SW Monsoon from North Konkan ( includinfg Mumbai) and North Maharashtra by Friday,5th October. 
SW Monsoon also withdraws from MP, UP and complete Nepal. 

Thundershowers (retreating) possible for Kathmandu on Wednesday/Thursday. Temperatures will remain between 30-18c till Friday.

A weak off shore trough supports the "ailing" UAC off the South Konkan /Goa/Karnataka coast till the weekend.

Wednesday: Evening Thunderclouds can develop in the NE and E and possibility of thundershowers from these drifting clouds in parts of the city. Rainfall Avg around 10-15 mms. Day around 32c, with real feel factor at 39c.
Thundershowers in the interior townships by evening.

Thursday: Partly cloudy, with thundery developments in the Eastern sky. Anvils drifting over the city, but chances of rain decreases. Rainfall will be traces in some parts.

Friday: SW Monsoon withdraws . Morning misty/foggy conditions in the suburbs.Hot day, as the Monsoon retreats. Dry conditions with the humidity dropping to 40% in the afternoon. Day around 34c, night at 23c.
Outer townships will have a foggy morning.

Pune: Effect of hit and miss thundershowers continue with 10-25 mms /day till Thursday.

Next 2/3 days Delhi should remain between 34-22c, but Gurgaon night may drop to 18c.
In the first week of October, Chandigarh and Amritsar may start  witnessing the minimum in the 18-20c range.


Abhijit Modak said...

Very nice explanation Sir.

At moment Badlapur is much foggy and was misty & foggy since night only.

I think few isolated places in South Saurashtra & South Gujarat may also get some thunder activity developing till Thursday due to UAC influence ..

Abhijit Modak said...

At moment any body from Vasai can please tell us that whether it's drizzling in Vasai !!

Abhijit Modak said...

Badlapur having thundering formation in ESE horizon & also thundering but have to wait & watch whether it can approach here.. But at moment as per radar it might be raining over Karjat & Matheran belt !

Arpit Sharma said...

As the sky was partly cloudy in the morning,thus minimum temp was 2c up than yesterday.

Abhijit Modak said...

From past 1hr its just thundering &
Lightening in ESE direction with cool
breeze blowing from ESE..But Rains are 15kms away in ESE of Badlapur..Current temp also down to 27 C.

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