Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Published 12.10 am IST Thursday 18th October..

SWM has retreated from Karnataka, and will be in Kerala and TN for another 24 hrs...Next 24 hrs sees the NEM commencing over AP, Karnataka, TN and Kerala.

The 200 hpa jet stream ridge line is passing thru the 14N line, and an Easterly trough can be seen forming around 10N...which may give rise to an easterly wave.

Chennai: From Wednesday afternoon, the winds have changed to the NE direction...whilst being NW in the morning and gradually moving towards NE by late afternoon...rainfall in last 24 hrs ended 8.30 pm IST Wednesday,  Chennai 20 mms, Tiruchirapalli 33 mms...

Wed/Thursday/Friday:  will be cloudy to overcast, with rainfall increasing from Thursday 18th, with NE winds being gusty at times.

2. WD, O-1 has moved away, after precipitating rains and snow in Kashmir and rains in HP, Punjab and parts of Haryana.

Delhi NCR: Wed/Thursday/Friday: No rains expected, but day temperatures likely to be around 30/31c (currently 32c) and nights will fall from the current 19/20c to 16/17c in Delhi NCR. 
Actual on Wednesday was 31c and 19c.
Punjab and Haryana also see an overall 2c fall from the current temperatures.

3. An UAC is forming (unusual) over the Dubai region at 700 hpa. This is expected to stretch as a trough aloft from Dubai to the Sindh coast. Creating some clouding and light rain along the coast. 
Dubai can get light showers on Thursday and Friday.
Some light rains in coastal and Lower Sindh, Rains may avoid Karachi though.

4. Mumbai: 

Wed 17th/Thursday 18th: Hot day with day temperature at 34/35c. Night will be at 25c. 
Actual High 34.6c on Wednesday.. low 24c and 25c at Scruz and Colaba.

Friday 19th will see a change to NW winds, and days could fall to 32c, and night will see a slight drop to 22/23c.

Pune currently around 31- 17c, will continue with these temps on Wed/Thursday. Wednesday night might be around 18/19c. 
Actual high on Wednesday 31.9c and low 17.4c.
But Thursday night will be around 17c and Friday night will see a fall in night tempreratures to 15/16c.


Abhijit Modak said...

@ Rajesh Sir. Yes, High levels clouds were hovering from afternoon till late evening yesterday and were coming from east horizon. Yesterdays max temp was 34 C.Today's min temp of Badlapur is 22.5 C. At present too sky is cloudy here. Snap on Vagaries FB.

Arpit Sharma said...

Clear and bit hot weather here in Ghaziabad at present,evening to late night weather is pleasant and mornings bit chilly.

emkay said...

Weatherman on twitter has announce setting in of NEM over South Andhra-TN coast and would pickup steam by tomorrow morning.

Junaid said...

it was very hott today at panvel,,although the sky was lighly clouded,,byt still the heat was oppressive

Unknown said...

@Rajesh Already there are news about formation of the system in 83 E and 7.5 N

Eagerly waiting for your update on the same


9pm still intense thundery showers in the plains SE of Tirunelveli

Unknown said...

very hot day n stuffy uncomfortable night, looks like we are heading for showers in the following week in mumbai.

Abhijit Modak said...

Due to an overcast conditions in night and in morning also. So Today min temp have increased. Badlapur having 23.5 C min temp today . Last few days it was constant 22 C .

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