Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sunday's (15th May) Readings:

Highest in Asia:Nawabshah (Pakistan): 46c,

Highest in India: Ganganagar:45.9c.

Nights above 30c: Chandrapur (Maharashtra): 30.6c, Kota; 30.0c. and Bhawalpur (Pakistan) :30c.

Rising along expected lines, but more heating needed for the SWM to arrive at Kerala at least by 3 June (as per Vagaries' estimate).

More heating is expected in the Sub-Continent plains Mon thru Thursday. (16th-20th). See Vagaries temperature Map put up forecast for Monday 16th. thru Thursday 20th.

click here for larger map

During the week, New Delhi could top 47c, places in west U.P. could reach 47c and Rajasthan could scale to 48c (Dholpur ? Ganganagar ??).

Similarly, Vidharbha hot spots may reach 47c (Chandrapur or Brahmapuri).

In Pakistan, Sindh will shoot up to 50c mid week, and Islamabd will rise to 41c. Karachi will hover around 37/38c during the week, with strong surface winds.

By Thursday, 18th, we see M3 arriving , and "cooling off" the situation to some extent (Friday onwards). As of now, i feel the extent of M3 will be precipitation in regions North of Punjab in Pakistan. In India it will be precipitation in west U.P, northern M.P, Punjab and all areas to the North.

There is more precipitation in the central regions and west coast after Friday. Forecasts for Friday and later will be discussed on Tuesday.

For Nepal, we see thundershowers holding on to some regions in central and eastern parts this week. An increase in intensity is expected from Tuesday thru Friday. Kathmandu should see upto 20 mms per day on Tuesday/Wed/Thu, with the temperatures remaing in a very pleasant range, 28c - 17c.

This month's rain total has already crossed the month's average of 116 mms. It has totalled 120 mms till Sunday, 15th May.

Neeraj has informed us of the bountiful pre monsoon showers in Nepal this year (see inter-action page).

MW - 7 will be up on Monday night.

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svt said...

Almost overcast morning in dadar. Some rains happening in south konkan few forecast model expecting rains to stretch towards navi mumbai / panvel tomorrow. Mumbai may get light rains next sunday - monday if lucky. Your thoughts.

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