Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sunday, 22nd May, 2011:

Pakistan maintains its 50c trend. Turbat topped the Asian chart on Sunday with 50c. Other hotspots were a little better, with Sibbi recording 47c, Nawabshah at 46c.

As estimated yesterday, Karachi is back to 35c.

In India, it seems the highest on Sunday was 42.3c at Machlipatnam and Gannavaram, A.P. Thats as per the available information as yet.

Anyway, most of the North Indian cities were between 35-38c, and a few stations in Rajasthan saw around 38-40c.

Its a definite M3 cooling down effect. Mild rainfall in Kullu-Manali and snowfall in high altitude peaks around the district have sent the mercury plummeting.

The weather tower installed at Dhundi near Manali indicated that the hill resort recorded minimum temperature of 12.2c on Saturday. The maximum day temperature was recorded at only 14.3c, around 10c below the normal. Kalpa was the lowest in H.P. at 4.8c. Mandi received 64 mms of rain in 24 hrs.
Rohtang pass, Deo Tibba, Hanuman Tibba, Makarved, Shikarved, Hamta Pass and adjoining peaks continued receiving more snow.


By Mark Vogan

Global Lightning!........'On average, a plane will get struck by lightning at least once a year'.....'Global map of lightning frequency'...'Catatumbo lightning' and much more.

An informative write up on Lightning put up by Vagaries' Partner. Its a detailed long talk, but worth reading all the way. I found it very interesting and illustrative..highly recommended for weather enthusiasts and.. fulminologist...whats that ? Read the article -:)...on Mark's Blog.

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NT said...

Quite interesting this 'Lightning' related blog, thanks for sharing it. I had as a part of my Engineering internship done some research on very high voltage electrical impulses and it's effect on certain electronic equipment, lightning was obviously the primary candidate of the study. But that was many many moons ago.

From India's point of view the lightning map shows maximum lightning along the Himalayan foothills and Eastern plains, also Southern India (Kerala, South TN). Interestingly there is a small Red Dot (indicating hightened lightning activity) just North over Mumbai. It's difficult to make out on the map since it's a very small dot but looks like the area around Dahanu - Kasara. Don't know why would that be the case (a red dot surrounded by blue all around)

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