Sunday, May 15, 2011

Cyclones which have hit Mumbai head on…see Mumbai Page (Query from PWP)

Rains expected in Goa, North coastal Karnataka and South Konkan today (Sunday), for a day. Vortex shifts west.
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Neeraj said...

IMD has forecasted monsoon to set in over Kerala on 31st June +- 4 days. What's your view?

Anonymous said...

Good Information...I really like the monsoon season of Mumbai...One last you know any website that gives cyclonic history of Sindh and Gujarat before 1947 ...Thankz from PWP..

Anonymous said...

ratnagiri / deorukh area experienced heavy shower...........potey

Rajesh said...

@neeraj. Same as mentioned. Kerala by 3/4th June. Putting up MW on Monday.
@PWP.Do not have records of Sindh region.
@Cmdr. As expected..please confirm hails report.

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