Thursday, May 19, 2011

Monsoon Watch - 7 (Part 2) - Quantum and initial Strength. Will be up on Friday, 20th, at 12.30 pm.

Highest in Asia on Thursday, 19th May:

Sibi (Pakistan) 49c, Nawabshah( Pakistan) 48c, Pilani( Raj.India) 47.4c, Ganganagar(India) 47.3c, Basrah (Iraq) 47c.

Latest Night Temperatures above 30c:

India: Satna 31.1c, Bikaner 31.0c, Jharsuguda 31.0c, Jabalpur 30.5c, Raipur 30.3c.

Many places in Nepal had good rains on Thursday. Amongst the heavy falls, Biratnagar measured 43.5 mms, whilst Kathmandu guaged 21.4 mms today. The temperature range on Thursday stood between 27.5c and 15.9c.Close to Vagaries' estimates -:)

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