Saturday, May 21, 2011

Highest in India: Sheopur (M.P.): 44.8c, Jaisalmer: 44c, Bikaner: 43c.
IMD map shows a drastic change and fall in the day temperatures on Saturday. Compare with Friday, and the fall in North, NW and Central India is comparable.

Highest in Pakistan: Turbat and Lasbella: 50c.
Surprisingly, and unexpectedly, Coastal cities of Pakistan too jumped the line today. Gwadar was 48c, while Karachi soared to 44c. (Pak Met site reports of 46c in Karachi today). Incidently, the highest ever for Karachi in May is 48c.

This is a sudden jump, from the tolerable 36/37c that Karachi has been through for the last 15 days. Day temperature was 38c on Friday, and 36c on Thursday.
I noticed a slight curving of the winds around Karachi, and seems the wind shifted to NE direction. This caused the humidity to fall sharply to a low of 16%, for a coastal city ! And a sharp rise in the day temperature, resulting from winds coming from the hot interiors.

For Karachi, I do not expect another day crossing 40c. Maybe 40c on Sunday, and should come back to 38c by Monday, and then, with some moisture creeping up from the SE, some rain is on the cards on Tuesday/Wednesday. Not much though, maybe 2/3 mms per day.

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