Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Replies to comments !
I have received all comments, but due to technical difficulties, blog server is not loading on blog.Not even my replies. Here are my views on every comment.

@Ron. I have put up the status of the SWM over Andaman Islands in MW-8. As per my readings, it is approaching. I have also indicated how late it is in all regions. SWM position approaching Maldives is not mentioned on any other site. Solely on Vagaries !
Typhoon Songda is moving NE. Normally can send a pulse in BoB by 8days. If M4 is active, pulse will be affected in Bay.

@Ashokbhai. Thank you-corrected.

@ anonymous. Which SST site in particular are you referring to ?

@svt. Lets see and observe. No international model has predicted any system in the Arabian Sea as yet. If true, Vagaries will be the first !

@rajkmr. Thanks for quoting from Vagaries in your comments on the KEA blog on the 22nd of May.

Some time back, I was honoured to be appointed as a "co-author" of the prestigious "Indian Weatherman" web site. A popular weather site, visited from the world over, Indian Weatherman provides a unique opportunity for weathermen from all over to interact.

Snippets and articles by Vagaries are put up on this site also.

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