Monday, May 16, 2011

Mumbai Update:

The way things were moving till yesterday, it was anticipitated that by Monday, the "high" pressure swirl in the Arabian Sea would strengthen, and the NW winds would, moving clockwise and coming from sindh/Gujarat, sweep over Mumbai.That was the Vararies forecast put up for Monday.

NW winds were to be hot, and projected to be at 37c today, while it is 31c (at 2.30 pm now).

Today, in the Arabian Sea,barring the N.Konkan area, the situation is much in tune. We see the winds getting weak after crossing Gujarat.(925 winds map above).

The reason is this (below). Seen in the map, the 700 hpa winds around Mumbai are the "culprits". The mini vortex there has off set the 925 winds from blowing below the Gujarat coast in strength. And the vortex formed at 700 hpa caused the clouding.

Even the daily low cumulus over Mumbai are missing today.

There will be no meaningful rains in Mumbai... this spell should clear within 12 hrs..rain is expected next sunday, but it has nothing to do with this clouding..

No connection with SWM. No indication of any type on the Monsoon arrival.

MW being put up tonite.


svt said...

Dadar received light drizzle at 3 pm for 10 minutes. Some forecast model expecting south konkan rains to stretched towards navi mumbai/panvel in next 24 hours. Will mumbai get any rain ?

Rajesh said...

no, as i said, there will not be any meaningful rain... there is a bout of rain next sunday..but detached from this spell..
within 12 hrs it will brighten up

junaid said...

today panvel also received very very light drizzle between 10am -2pm,,,,rainfall wud be in trace amounts,,and sun also came out partly at 5:30pm,,,,indicatiing clearing of this weather formation!!!

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