Thursday, May 05, 2011

Readings of 5 th May:

Highest in Asia: 46c Makkah:

Highest in Sub-Continent: 43c Jacobabad (Pakistan).

Highest in India: 43c Ganganagar.

The sub continent heat is actually still lagging, and there are many stations in the below normal range. In fact, many a stations recorded as much as 8c below normal in recording the minimum, while in 2010 we were seeing several stations above 30c, yes, as the minimum.
We see (IMD Map) a thin strip thru the centre of India in the 41/42c range. A few stations like Hissar, Gwalior, Ramagundum and Kurnool saw 42c.

Stressing on the point that we need to see higher temperatures and some heat waves soon.See IMD anomaly map above.

With M1 hovering over the Northern states of Punjab, Haryana, H.P. and Kashmir, we can expect a weekend of precipitation in these states.
And naturally, this would keep the day temperatures "under control". By this, I mean, days may not rise above todays current level. May in fact drop a couple of degrees in some pockets of the Northern states where there may be some hail storm squalls. Some cities in Punjab may not rise above 37c (thats low for this time of the month).

Weekend will be almost dry all over India, except as mentioned, in the Northern states mentioned, and West Bengal will get some thundershowers. Central India (Vid, M.P. and Gujarat) and interior peninsula will be particularly dry.

I see a substantial rise in the day temperatures in the Northern belt of the subcontinent plains once M1 shows its back. Maybe from Monday onwards.
May have to put up a severe temperature map on Sunday.

96B formed in the south west Bay. I do not expect it to really thrive into a full fledged system, but might just rain off into Sri Lanka.

M1 will slip into Nepal from Thursday night itself, and combined with an existing extended trough, will get rains /thundershowers thru the weekend. Kathmandu will continue seeing thundershowers developing and the odd one giving some heavy showers. Weekend rains may accumalate to 30 mms. With the days hovering around 30c, I would say its quite pleasant for this time.

Monsoon Watch 5 - Part 1 will be published late tonite.(Thursday nite).

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