Saturday, May 21, 2011

Vagaries makes it to the press in here

M3 active ! Massive thunder/Hailstorms in Delhi, Punjab, Haryana and H.P. bring down temperatures in the region. As a result, the temperatures in Delhi is currently (at 8 pm) at 28c, after a afternoon drop to 22c during the storm . Most of Northern plains currently around 26-28c. We had estimated a drop in days after Friday in previous blogs.Vagaries' Fear hold true.

Karachi shoots up to 46c ! Details of Saturdays temps later tonite.

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations Rajesh for column in newspaper :). This may be one of your several. I always discussed with my friends that such a good knowledge you have should reach to larger audience. And newspaper is one which reach to larger audience.

Thanks Rajesh for your blogs :)

Anonymous said...

Many a times i wondered why farmers of north Maharashtra and marathwada did not get info on unseasonal rain which so evidently expected and ruined onion crop which drying in open!! potey

Rajesh said...

Thanks Atul. And thanks for your support. Trying my best with reader's input to make it better. Looking forward to more inter-action and inputs from you for Vagaries.
after all its a Reader's Blog .

Cmdr Potey. A decade back, i used to give some information and feedback , in a farmers magazine called "Bali Raja" Had contributed a few times. Yes, they should get proper feedback, and then the decision is theirs.

NT said...

Way to go Rajesh, it's about time the press in India start looking for Weather experts and start coming out with better Weather related reporting especially around the Monsoon period. Keep up the good work and I am sure 'Vagaries' will find it's way to other news papers / electronic media.

Rajesh said...

Thanks nt. In fact I think , and knw, that you have been a significant contributor and supporter of Vagaries. Please keep the feed backs coming .

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