Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Continuing from our last blog of the 15th (prior to the MW-7), we see the heating taking place, along the predicted lines (Compare map of Tuesday's day temperatures with the Vagaries Map put up on Sunday).
In Rajasthan, Ganganagar was 46.9c, Bikaner managed 45.7c, All places, from Punjab to the Vidharbha region are in the 42-45c range.

New Delhi touched 44.6c, while in Central India, Akola, Gwalior and Guna
and were 45c,Gujarat and eastern regions of India are let off lightly, as yet.(See IMD Map).

Pakistan's Sindh and Punjab region too has heated up, with the days now in the 44-47c range.
Rawalpindi soared to 43c, while Islamabad has scaled 42c today, while Karachi is maintained at 36c.

Highest in Asia on Tuesday,17th: Bhawalnagar and Larkana (Pakistan) at 47c.

Highest in India: Churu was 48.6c, Ganganagar at 46.9c and Khajuraho at 46.8c, were amongst the highest.

Nights above 30c: Pakistan: Jacobabad and Bhawalnagar at 30c.

India:Kota at night was 32.2c, Jabalpur at 31.8c, Jaipur was 31.3c, Satna 31.2c and Bikaner at 30c.

But, while the heating has commenced as anticipated, M3 is arriving.
Vagaries had estimated the system to reach Pak/India by 18th. ( thru error, it was mentioned 18th as Thursday in Sunday's blog).
Northern region precipitation from M3 will commence from 19th, and M3 will be effective in H.P./Utterakhand, Kashmir, West U.P. and Delhi region from Friday, 20th.

Pockets in Sindh will have duststorms/thunderstorms next 2 days.

I qoute and repeat from Sunday's Vagaries: "I hope these factors do not become a "kill joy" to the anticipated fast developments discussed, and halt the +ve movements of the Monsoon parameters"

Extremely heavy rainfall is possible in eastern parts of Bangladesh and adjoining Indian NE states on Thursday/Friday. Meghalaya should receive heavy rains.

Mumbai Forecast for the weekend will be up on Wednesday nite, by 10 pm.

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svt said...

Mumbai might get very light rain (at best 2ml) on sun/mon/tuesday. As u said mumbai might get proper pre-monsoon showers from 3rd or 4th june what will be their intensity ie. Over 10ml daily rainfall or negligible.

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