Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Hottest in Asia on Thursday was:

Turbat (Pakistan) at 48c, Nawabshah (Pakistan) at 47c, Khajuraho(India) at 45.6c.

The above 30c minimums on Thursday:Pakistan, 32c at Sibbi,

India, 31.6c at Kota, 30c at Jabalpur, New Delhi, Gwalior and Khajuraho.

The minimum temperature in Ahmadnagar today was 17.8c. (5c below normal) and Nasik was at 20c, 2c below.

Amravati, in the hot Vidharbh region was also low at 24c, while the normal night temperature there should be at 28c !

Mumbai Colaba ranged between 34.5c and 26.5c on Thursday. And S'Cruz was 33.0c and 25c on Thursday.

Forecast for Mumbai:


34c - 27c. Partly Cloudy, with cumulus cloud puffs.


35c - 27c. Windy with NW winds and partly cloudy.


37c -28c. Very windy, at 30 knts, from NW. Dry winds will bring humidity down to 55-60%, so less stuffy. Sparsely cloudy.


Anonymous said...

Temperatures do reach 50C in Sindh every year during this part of the year...One Question!..Has Bombay ever hit by a cyclone?? or it is also like Karachi because cyclones make landfall near cyclone has ever hit Karachi..Thankz..from pwp

Rajesh said...

@PWP..nice question, and thought could be shared by all readers. My views put up on Mumbai page..thanks.

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