Thursday, September 06, 2012

BB6 , now over west MP and adjoining Gujarat, has,according to me, weakened 2 notches to 998 mb. The system is more "spread out" over West MP into Gujarat.
The Low over Saurashtra has again become an UAC, and is over extreme west Gujarat and also over the adjoining Arabian Sea.

Gujarat Report:
Due to the low over Saurashtra, the "zero" mm towns in Kutch have recieved rainfall. Abdasa, started the season yesterday with 10 mms, while Nakhatrana, which was 0 mm today totals 130 mms.Bachhau totals 112 mms. Anjar is 86 mms. Bhuj total is only 19 mms. First hand reports from Kutch state that at least now, the grazing grass for cattle will be available. Kutch has recieved 23% of normal rains till now.
Elsewhere in Gujarat, Sabarkantha district recieved good rains, with Modasa getting 113 mms in last 24 hrs.
Dahod district too got good rains with the highest being 124 mms at Jalod.

Saurashtra got moderate rains, with the best in Jamnagaer and Junagadh dists. Highest were 82 mms in Junagadh, 73 mms in Dwarka, 62 mms in Khambhalia, 60 mms in Visavadar.
In South, Surat city got 57 mms and the highest was at Choryasi with 77 mms.Bharuch got 5 mms with the season total at 463 mms.

Trying to put up Friday/Saturday/Sunday weather tonite..


Tyrone said...

Rajesh, could you give me the link where I can see the UAC over gujrat / arabian sea?

What are the chances for any rain in KHI today? So far its mostly cloudy with sunny intervals

Rajesh said...

Tyrone: Try Pak met site, or IMD report for UAc, or then Thai site. Pak site see NMCC charts. You can also see on Thai 850 charts.

Tyrone said...

Thank you Rajesh was looking at those site but maybe not looking in the right section

sset said...

Kind of september UACs over central India (MAHARASHTRA,MP,GUJ,RAJ) we have in pipeline suggests like JulyAug.

Bangalore again hot 6th day of NO September rain.

Readers who are opposed to this definitely are not able see climate change with nature destruction.

Anonymous said...

each one is free to express his own view , so keep going lets enjoy reading each others point of view , there is always something different in each persons view. so lets keep going n, lets not stop anyone from sharing his view.thanks.

Tyrone said...

Very hot here now in Karachi after yesterday's downpour, skies mostly cloudy but no sign of any rains yet :(

Anonymous said...

SSET bangalore had very good SW monsoon for the last 8 or 9 years. this is the first year railfall is showing hide and seek game.

Anonymous said...

How do you convince SSET:

a) Provide him data indicating that since 2007-2011 Bangalore had an avergae rainfall of 95 cms (source IMD)

b) Provide him 100 year data indicating rains have been stable in bangalore with occasional droughts

c) You cant convince SSET

d) You better accept Bangalore is a desert

Abhijit Modak said...

@ Rajesh Sir. Ya ,I will surely track & study the development in Bay with the help of Thai maps.

BTW what is the Matheran total rainfall for this season till today 8.30am ? I think Matheran must have crossed 3000mm mark..

And some stations total rainfall around Matheran for this season till today 8.30am are

Karjat 2681mm
Badlapur (own measured) 2651mm
Khalapur 2562mm
Barvi Dam, Badlapur 2173mm
Panvel 1962mm

Anonymous said...

SSET you are right, bangalore is almost reaching the desert threshold level. dont worry soon government will announce bangalore as a desert area.

svt said...

We might just get another UAC or Vortex off konkan coast on 11/12th september. So Good rain for Mumbai could continue next week.

Anonymous said...

i m selecting the option D :)

Abhijit Modak said...

See Again Variation in Rains in just few kms range !!

Official IMD's or can say Agriculture Dept, Maharashtra rainfall readings of today 06-09-2012 ending at 8.30am.

Ulhasnagar 168mm
Ambernath 29mm
Badlapur (own measured) 26mm
Kalyan 12mm

Kalyan & Ulhasangar & Ambernath towns are just 4kms away from each other but records rain variation in large factor

Tyrone said...

Some parts of KHI have started getting very heavy rains since last one hour. My friends have reported.

Arpit Sharma said...

Not a very promising start of september for Delhi-NCR.Though eastern NCR(Ghaziabad)has received two days of heavy rain on 2nd and 4th of this month but other places including s'jung is almost dry.Conditions here are hot and very humid and cloud cover is also very less.

Abhijit Modak said...

Lightening seen in NW direction & huge thundering from past 5mins here in Badlapur.

Abhijit Modak said...

Its seems like as clouds are from SW to NE direction so thunder clouds from NW traveled to North of Badlapur that is towards Shahapur area as now just slight flashes seen but no sound now.

Anonymous said...

@sset, "readers who are opposed to this definitely are not able to see climate change with nature destruction"

So what is your solution other than bad mouthing Bangalore (infrastructure, weather etc.)continuously?

GSB said...

All India rainfall this monsoon TOUCHES the magical mark of 7 MM per day. Total for the season is 685.7 mm which is 9% below normal.

Again yesterday (ending today 8.30am) Gujarat and Sau & Kutch reported good rains. Sau & Kutch also has now come in the Deficient category from the Scanty category. Therefore as of date no subdivision is below deficient category.

CI also has again overtaken SPIN and now stands ata a deficit of only 4% against 6% for the latter.

Abhijit Modak said...

Lightening slight flashes seen with drizzles on /off in Badlapur. @ Rajesh Sir Can you provide me an link which shows lightening map of an area !

NT said...

@Abhijit - here is the link

Blue dots indicate lightning activity. Surprisingly nothing around the Mumbai area on the map, may be it is not able detect very localised lightning.

Rajesh said...

Thanks NT for providing link to abhijit. I am busy with the write up..

sset said...

Rajesh sir needs to teach about weather forcasting to Mr.Puttanha (Bangalore weather division). All Puttana predictions went wrong. He claimed rains for Bangalore (June,July,Aug) - but not a drop...
ISRO is not doing anything - not even concerned about this..

Abhijit Modak said...

@ NT. Thanks for the link. Yesterday There was lightening & thunder sound also around 7.30pm and slight flashes in between till 10.30pm but I think it was very weak to get captured or detected by WWLLN sensors !

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