Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Forecast for Nepal:
Moisture remains from A2 might still precipitate light rains in a few pockets on Thursday.. Subsequently, no rains Friday /Sat.

A3 starts sliding into Western Nepal areas from Sunday, and covers the country , so entire region should get rains on Monday. The stationary high anchored over Nepal at 1024, will vanish with the advent of A3, and reduce the pressure to 1020 mb. (Normally I do not give very technical and detailed explanations as they are boring for the readers. Not that I am technically qualified in Meteorology.)
Jumla should get rains from Sunday, and touch 0c on Monday.

Kathmandu, will see decreasing rains from 13th ,Wednesday night, and no rain Fri/Sat. Cloudy though. Sunday night could witness thunder rains and Monday, 18th, will be overcast with rains intermittently.
North winds Monday thru Wednesday (6 days forecast ?? Bold attempt, Vagaries !:-) will keep the days around 25/26, but minimum could fall to 8c.

Will review and put up a forecast (with Nepal included) on Friday night, as the previous Vagaries Forecast expires .

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