Friday, April 22, 2011

The system in the South, an UAC, mentioned in Vagareis yesterday, is precipitating very heavy rains. Refer Vagaries Forecast Map put up yesterday.

Thunderstorms are reported from Kerala, T.N. and South interior Karnataka. Bangalore had rains today (Friday), measuring 44 mms in 9 hrs upto 5.30 pm, 68 mms in 2 days. Many centres in Kerala had heavy rains, figures of which will be known by tomorrow. Chennai is having frequent thundershowers on Friday.

As mentioned, the Nilgiris is currently receiving heavy rains, and figures have been received upto Friday. Some of the rainfall amounts in Nilgiri: Kodaikanal and Kotagiri 6cms, Combatore and Ketty 5cms.
In South Karnataka, many stations in Mysore and Hassan region got 4-6 cms of rainfall.
In Kerala, adjoining Wyanad region received 6 cms of rain. Rainfall figures for Friday will be out on Saturday, and amounts should be heavier.

As for the Vidharbha region, a direct report from "The Hitavada" a regional newspaper, speaks for itself. (Suggested by Akshay).

And the warming has commenced in the Sub-Continent.
Days have started warming up. Across the border, we see Nawabshah highest at 44c, and Karachi touches an unusual high of 41c on Friday. Now, as explained in the Vagaries Map, this heat should move east into Northern India from Sunday.

From Our Partner Blog:


UK On track for warmest April on record, temps top 80 degrees in central London

The normal is 14C in London for late April, the normal for July/August is 22C….

Scotland to enjoy a very warm Friday, but complications move in from the west on Saturday!....details in Blog.

Good Rains in Vidharbha on Thursday night/Friday morning:

Wardha gets 43 mms, Brahmapuri 36 mms and 15 mms in Nagpur as per IMD.
minimum temperature today in Amraoti is 17.8c, and 19.6c in Nagpur! 5c below normal !

Akshay from Nagpur gives the latest on Friday morning: "11mm rainfall in Nagpur with strong overnight thunderstorms."

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