Thursday, April 07, 2011

Cold Wave effects of the aftermath of A1 is showing up in H.P. With a let up in the weather, the Jammu-Srinagar highway has opened.
Keylong was the coldest today morning at -3.6c. Manali recorded -1.1c on Thursday morning as the minimum.

With only 3 stations managing 40c, in the entire sub-continent (for that matter entire Asia), it was generally near normal day temperature conditions for the sub-continent on Thursday. The hottest 3 at 40c today were Ahmadabad, Rakot and Satna.( See Vagaries heat forecasted map put up on Monday. -:)

Seems the highest in Nepal was 38.2c at Bhairahawa, and Kathmandu was in the pleasant range of 29c and 9c.
In Pakistan, Chorr was hottest at39c. And Islamabad also varied between 29c and 9c.

A2, forecasted to precipitate from tomorrow, is on schedule, and with the rain/snow as forecasted by Vagaries on Tuesday, cold conditions will set in again thru Kashmir and H.P.

Also, as per Vagaries' estimate put up on Monday, the forecasted line of wind dicontinuity formed, exactly on Thursday ! Quote from the official IMD Daily Release of today, 7th April : "The trough/wind discontinuity at 0.9 km a.s.l. now runs from the above system to Marathwada across west Madhya
Pradesh, north Madhya Maharashtra and Vidarbha."

As a result, certain areas in Central India did receive thundershowers today (Thursday). Nagpur witnessed a thundershower Thursday afternoon, and measured 28 mms of rain till evening. Various stations in Vidharbha and SE M.P. too got rain.

Weekend forecast to be up tomorrow night.

Latest Press Release By IMD :

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Neeraj said...

Bhairahawa is on the indo-nepalese border some 80 KMS North of Indian city of Gorakhpur. The weather there is similar to that of Gorakhpur.Summers are very very hot in Bhairahawa.. I know this for a fact as I have endured three summers there..

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