Thursday, April 21, 2011

Weather News From Nepal, Sent by Neeraj;

Rajesh ji,

Mustang is a district of Nepal located in the north of the central region.The southern part of the district is high mountains with one very deep gorge cut by a river. Beyond that, it high altitude plateau with some mountains. Hindu/Buddhist pilgrimage site of Muktinath (11500 ft asl) is located there. They say it has been snowing there even in second week of April. By that, they mean its snowing in the populated area in the lower reaches and the valleys. As snow would be normal for high altitude areas. Anything above 5000 m will get snow all year round.

District headquarter: Jomsom (9000 ft ASL)
Pilgrimage site: Muktinath (11500 ft ASL)
Northernmost major town: Lo Manthang (12500 ft ASL)

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