Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Indications from the upper air 500 mb charts show arrival of A2 by Friday.
It seems A2 may commence precipitation in Pakistan and Northern most regions of India by Friday, 8th. April.

Vagaries estimates a fairly active system, and snow over the higher reaches of Kashmir and H.P. is on the cards by Friday/Saturday. Snow could also be expected in Gulmarg and Pahalgam hill stations and in the Lahaul valley including Keylong in H.P.
Manali, Dalhousie and H.P. hill stations can expect rains on the week end, with the days getting cold at 14/15c.

Central India (see Vagaries forecast map of Monday), should get convective rains on Thursday/Friday, as a line of wind dis-continuity is expected to form.

Next detailed forecast on Friday with map.


Wed/Thurs/Friday: Days will be sunny with the highs in the 32/33c and nights will be below normal till Friday, at around 20c in the suburbs and 23c at Colaba.

Low clouds are expected on 7th. night. Low cumulus clouds will flyby from the west on Wednesday night.

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Ron said...

hello,was wondering if you could update us on La nina thing for monsoon..last time i read its almost neutral..will this affect our monsoon??
ps:-just asking since u are doing a monsoon check on 10th

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