Monday, April 04, 2011

This weekend (Saturday/sunday), A1 is precipitating rain/snow in Northern Indian states of Kashmir, Utteranchal and H.P. Rainfall in patches was also reported from Punjab/Haryana and Delhi, where several places recorded between 1-5 mms of rain. Todats rain chart from IMD shows the rains in Northern India, Kerala and NE states. Compares well with Vagaries forecast map.

Fresh snowfall and rains occured across the Kashmir Valley today. Gulmarg received light snowfall while other high altitude areas, including cave shrine Amarnath got snowfall too.

Highest in India was 41c at Jharsuguda.

A1 will fizzle out from India by Wednesday. Mon/Tuesday will see precipitation in the hilly states, while plains of Northern India will be dry.
However a drop in day temperatures by about 2/3c from current levels is expected in Punjab/ Haryana/ Rajasthan and U.P. on Mon/Tues.

Meanwhile system has moved away from Pakistan, and resulted in cooling the regions of Sindh and Punjab from the rising summer heat.
Highest temperature in Pakistan was only 39c at Dadu.

And A1 has now crossed into Nepal. As forecasted, there was rain on Sunday. Pokhara and Taplejung measured 5.7 mms of rain. Cloudy Sunday in Kathmandu kept the day at 28c and the nights very comfortable at 11c. System rainfall will move away after Monday, restricting the precipitation to Central regions on Monday.
A resultant induced low is expected to form over North Bangladesh by Monday. Northern regions of Bangladesh can expect heavy thundershowers on Monday and Tuesday.
Coastal Orissa will be wettish on Wednesday.

Next 4 days temperature and precipitation forecast will be put up on Monday, 4th. night.

Meanwhile, it was 43c in Dadu, Sindh a day ago. Very close to our poll figure of "first to reach" 45c. Only 29% have put in their votes for the time period 1-10 april.

By Mark Vogan

A lot cooler across the UK and even across much of Europe but the warmth will return between Wednesday and Thursday where London may top 22C by Thursday... details of this article on Mark's blog here.


Neeraj said...

Few corrections:
Nepal is no more a Kingdom now.. And the name of the place is Taplejung not Taplegunj.

Rajesh said...

Thanks Neeraj.Corrected the mistake.

Anonymous said...

hey could u tell me now what the weather would be like in manali HP on 11th april??Will it be cold?Rain?Snow??Pls help me out

Rajesh said...

Reply to Anonymous: I have mentioned A2 arriving from Saturday,and naturally H.P.,i.e. Manali will be effected. I do not know how many days u r there, but I see precipitation in Manali from Saturday, 9th, thru Monday, 11th at least. Sat/sun/mon will be cloudy and cold, with high of around 14/15c. As of now, it is possible that Tuesday onwards should improve.
Lets review it again by, say, Friday ?

Anonymous said...

okay cool...will there for 3 days...then move to dalhousie..does it snow in manali at this period??Really appreciate what you are doing...

Rajesh said...

Manali cannot expect snow mid April..can expect rain at weekend. Mostly should clear after Monday..Same for Dalhousie..
see latest post.

Rajesh said...

@anonymous: Regarding your trip to Manali, seems A2 is getting fairly active Saturday thru Tuesday. Today morning Manali was cloudy and minimum was 9c.Expect rains/hail till tuesday, with day at 13c and night down to 4c.
Dalhousie will also clear after Tuesday.It was 9c today morning. Expect day to rise to 18c after Wednesday.
Keep reading Vagaries, I will update.

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