Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Today’s Weather Across America: By Mark Vogan see blog for detailed U.S. Weather threat.

Another day of 'Extreme Weather' across the MississippiValley


The Heat has started gripping the Sub-Continent. The Map from the Univ. of Cologne shows the Western region of the plains now well into the 40s.

As dicussed earlier, the heat is moving into the Sub-Continent, and creeping into India now. The max temperature anomaly shows a East-West divide, temperature wise. The western region is now moving into the above normal" zone.

The Highest in Asia on Wednesday was Dadu (Pakistan) at 45c and Idar (Gujarat, India) at 44.6c.
Several stations in ssindh (Pakistan) too had 44c as their highs today. Karachi is back to 35c after soaring to 41c a couple of days back.

No meaningful rainfall, except for some convective thundershowers in Kerala and Orissa.

Some thundershowers expected in Lower Sindh region of Pakistan on Thursday/Friday. Cloudy weather for Karachi on Friday.

Though Kathmandu received 1 mm of rain on Wednesday, a little more could be expected on Thursday and Friday, tapering off by Saturday.

More discussions on the situation in MW-4, which will be up tomorrow (Thursday).

As I will be proceeding to Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve Forest, there will be no Vagaries published till Thursday, 5th May.

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