Monday, April 25, 2011

This was the Monday we were discussing. The 40s are here. As expected from Monday, the days are warming up, and across the border, Larkana is touching 47c.
Map of 25th Day Temperatures (from Univ. of Cologne) shows a fair "sprinking" of 40s.

Click here for an enlarged image of Vagaries' Temperature forecast for next 4 days.

Hopefully, next MW should be positve as far as the seasonal low parameter is concerned.

Forecast For Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday:

For Nepal however, a North-South trough promises a wettish week. Vagaries holds on to its forecast for Nepal published on the 23rd.
Tuesday thru Friday, it should rain in the eastern parts of Nepal. Kathmandu will have Thunder showers, some heavy on Wednesday, till Friday. Day will be "under control" at around 26-28c. On Wed/Thu, I feel the capital could expect upto 30-35 mms of rainfall.

For this week, Tuesday thru Friday, in the Sub-Continent, Vagaries does not forecast any meaningful rains, except thundershowers in the NE states, Northern West Bengal and Sikkim. Convectional thundershowers can pop up in coastal Orissa, Kerala and interior T.N.
Thundershowers could appear in lower Sindh region of Pakistan on Thursday.

Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday: Partly cloudy, with high-medium alto-cumulas clouds making it stuffy and humid. Hence night temperatures will rise from the current 24/25c levels to 26/27c. Days will be around 34c.

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Thanx Rajesh. I will give your link in my post. Yours is more comprehensive

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