Wednesday, July 21, 2010

U.S. Heat Wave
Your america today forecast
Though it's still very hot, highs will fall a few degrees today from yesterday in Las Vegas from 113 yesterday to near 110 today, whilst Pheonix actually rises from 110 yesterday to 112 today! Death Valley's may fall, like Vegas will from 123 yesterday to nearer 120 perhaps today... As for coastal California, it's going to continue cooling with a thicker marine layer in place and the thicker the marine layer, the tougher time the sun has burning it off, particularly when the land heating energy decreases slightly on the other side of the coast range. Los Angeles will likely see a cool morning with low down near 60 with a heavy stratus deck covering the basin and lapped up against the mountains, burn off will commence by mid-morning, giving way to party to mostly sunny skies by noon, breezes will increase out of the NW , holding temps to around 77 Downtown this afternoon.
southeast & florida
A torrid summer afternoon is in store with the thunderstorm threat reduced to under 20% for most today and it's all down to blistering sunshine and building heat throughout the Southeast today, tired of the summer heat and humidity yet? Highs today in New Orleans will warm to 88 with thunderstorms possible, if any, confined to nearer the Gulf where land heating and sea breezes can ignite PM storms. Inland where there's little in the way of clouds, it will reach a toasty 95 in Atlanta, 95 in Memphis, 96 in Charlotte and a scorching 98 in Norfolk, Va. Even throughout Florida, as the atmosphere is capped and the high builds, it's going to heat into the mid to even upper 90s in places, particularly inland locations. Drier air is crossing Florida, capping the atmosphere and supressing t-storm development. There is likely cooling breezes along the coast but these will likely not produce storms. Lows throughout will merely cool to the 75 to 81 degree level tonight!

detailed report of other regions of U.S. on Mark's blog.

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