Thursday, July 22, 2010

Heavy rains lashed Saurashtra region of Gujarat as a result of the south westerlies rushing in and the formation of a low in the bay. Heaviest rainfall figures for Wednesday: Visavadar: 396 mms, Talala: 225 mms, Kodinar: 205 mms, Dhari: 142 mms, Valsad: 139 mms, Bhagasra: 124 mms, Mahuva: 115 mms,Upleta: 107 mms, Doraji: 105 mms.

Reproduce from "Vagaries" of 16th:
" From this weekend, I maintain of good rains in Gujarat and Rajasthan (refer my blog ).Again,I am encouraged by the he FNMOC forecasts which shows heavy rain over west Madhya Pradesh-east Rajasthan border and then moving further into N.Gujarat/Rajasthan during this period, when,all parts of the State are expected to receive rains during the week ending July 22".


Anonymous said...

Rajesh, that's why I said earlier that you are an expert and I've learned a lot from your posts :)

Btw what is the diff. between a UAC and a low and the diff levels such as lower middle and upper tropospheric levels.


Rohit said...

Is there any possibility of increase of rainfall in Pune? I m just missing the rains here in Pune. Dams are all water to drink

Rajesh said...

UAC is a circulation aloft, at an higher level,and a low is generally at sea level. Both are due to fall in comparitive pressure at respective levels.

Rohit, i think a total absence of any system or depression from the bay has kept the interiors short of rain. Not actually short in mm terms, but lesser rain days.


Hi Rajesh!
I know you must be knowing me. I forecast weather on METD WEATHER

Its pretty interesting to see rains lashing western coast including mumbai and deficient in interior.
Lack of LP in bay is a reason but I have put some other reasons also for it
Please check on my blog and let me know your thoughts on it

Anonymous said...

Thanks you for explaining abt the UAC Rajesh.

Just one more question. What is the monsoon axis that the IMD talks about and how can one see it on a weather chart?


Rajesh said...

Akshay, sure I'll go thru your views. Should be ok, since your study on this subject is good.

  Heavy Rains ( Mentioned in yesterday's snippet) as on 1st August Morning:  East Rajasthan: Ajmer 137 mms, Bhilwara 75 mms, Jaipur 6...