Monday, July 26, 2010

The "red" region are now turning towards "green' !
And what we have discussed and hoped for in Friday's blog, is precisely what has occured !
The system a well marked low on "landing", moved thru Chattisgarh, M.P. and is today (Monday) over the Gujarat region. In its trail, it has precipitated heavy rain in M.P. and almost throughout Maharashtra.
Sunday/Monday Rains in Maharashtra/M.P (cms): Damoh 25.4, Jabalpur 16.0, Guna 11.5, Durg 11.2, Raipur 7.5, Wardha 6.5, Amraoti 4.8,
Gondia 4.7.
Other Centres with copious rains in the peninsula and Gujarat regions (cms): Mahabaleshwar 29.1, Deesa 11.1, Bhira 10.4, Jayapura 9.9, Agumbe & Ratnagiri 9.1 each,
Kollur 8.0, Panjim (Goa) 7.8, Gandhinagar 7.6, Satara 7.4, Kolhapur 6.6, Sankeshwar 6.5, New Kandla 6.2, Ahmedabad 6.1, Gudallur 5.5, Belgaum (Sambra) & Siddapur 5.4 each, Honavar 5.3, Devala 4.5,

Adjoining East Rajasthan (cms): Bilaspur 8.0, Udaipur 7.7, Erinpura Rd. 6.4, Chhachhrauli 5.6, Mandi 5.5, Chittorgarh 3.6,

As mentioned ,"rain starved" Mahableshwar received 291 mms in 24 hrs ended Monday morning, and the total for the season jumped to 1986 mms, still 850 in the deficit.

Gujarat state is getting ample precipiation with Mehsana & Banaskantha districts feeling the brunt with Khadi 293 mms, Becharji 270 mms, Dhanera getting 233 mms, Dantiwada 155 mms, Detroj 154 mms, Kalol 125 mms,Virangam 124 mms, and a lot of stations receiving between 60-120 mms. And with 1 more day of rainfall yet for Gujarat tomorow (Tuesday).
When the water lakes &reservoirs fill up in the desert region of Kutch, there is a ceromony and celebrations amongst the villages. The residents of many Kutch villages yesterday distributed "ladoos" and had a small puja on the waterfronts. The district has had good rains this year, with Mandvi having already received 124% of its seasonal rains, 465 mms against an normal of 365 mms.
On an average, the other towns in Kutch have got around 60% of the normal season's rain.

Now, with the system tracking west, 1 more day's rain for Gujarat, and a decrease in rainfall for Maharashtra. System may move the sindh coast, precipitating rains.
Mumbai will see a decrease in rains from Tuesday. With a chance to "clean up the roads", as the city will get just about 20 mms/ day. A respite for the next 2/3 day is imminent.
Mumbai Colaba rains are just shy of 40 mms to reach the rainfall total of the full season, 1920 mms !

The axis of the monsoon extends upto 5.8 kms a.s.l. and passes through Bhuj, Indore, Jabalpur, Jamshedpur, Digha and thence southeastwards to east central Bay. The off-shore trough at mean sea level from south Gujarat coast to Kerala coast persists

With the axis down south now, Look out for the next low forming in the central bay ! An initial low of 1002 could be expected in a couple of days. A rush of winds onto the Kerala/Karnataka coast, and towards the nascent low could be expected.


Anonymous said...

A fresh low pressure area may form over northwest Bay of Bengal and neighbourhood around 28th July.

This is from the imd website..

Anonymous said...

IMD has already indicated a low watch in BoB, As you have already indicated the monsoon has really flung/swung into action !

Anonymous said...

but the bay report says northwest..doesn't that tend to move northward?as in say northwest a noob at this..

Anonymous said...

there was lightening sunday morn at 530 am extreme high alt .any reason?

Rajesh said...

Low should form around off Orissa coast, normally.
For the lightening, which area or region are you refering to? Where are you based ?

Anonymous said...

This is for the person who has mentioned about 'lightning' - where did you see it from? A window of an airplane? I am assuming this since you mention it was 'very high altitude'

Could be a CB cloud which would have risen to above 40,000 feet or so - extremely dangerous conditions can be produced by such a cloud (it would have very cold tops). Would be interesting to know where are you from and where did you view this lightning

 Map by Vag. Tejas...Source "Mah. Water Respources Dept" 2nd august 2021