Saturday, July 31, 2010

Highest All India Rain Total as on 31st. July 2010 from 1st. June.
Cherrapunji: 5499 mms (+255)
Agumbe: 3406 mms
Shirali: 2935 mms
Honavar: 2628 mms
Mangalore: 2434 mms
Penambur: 2452 mms
Ratnagiri: 2521,( +751)
Mahableshwar: 2515 mms (-700)
Panjim: 2227 (+483)
Mumbai Colaba: 2046 (+775)


Anonymous said...

is cherapunji still the wettest place ?

rajesh said...

well,it is said that Mawsynram in Cherrapunji is wettest place on earth. But the readings , i understand come from Cherrapuni.

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