Sunday, July 11, 2010

All India Highest Rainfall figures from 1st.June to 10th. July 2010:
Cherrapunji: 4369 mms (+539)
Agumbe:1704 mms
Shirali:1593 mms
Honavar: 1425 mms
Mumbai Colaba:1387 mms (+537)
Mangalore: 1383 mms
Harnai:1345 mms (+349)
Kasargod:1337 mms (+71)
Goa Panjim: 1334 mms(+156)
Passighat: 1303 (+46)
Ratnagiri:1214 mms (+45)
Mumbai SantaCruz: 1213 mms (+366)
Mahableshwar: 862 mms (-855)*
* half the normal amount.

All India Monsoon deficit is now at -10%. Blog poll shows highest on this figure as yet.

Our reader has asked for Mahableshwar details of rain. I have given the June end figure earlier.Lonavala receieved 437 mms of rain till end June. Last yaer Mahableshwar had 2823 mmsmms till July end and Lonavala recieved 2550 mms till end July.


Anonymous said...

What the rain totals especially on the West coast tell is that the rain has mainly hugged the coastline and has not been much even 50 - 60 kms inland (as can be see by rain totals in Mahabaleshwar). This is mainly because of the active offshore trough (explains for high rain totals on the coast) and absence of any great systems from the Bay (explains for lack of rains inland).

Now the last 1-2 days in Mumbai have been good - some bright spells (atlast) after nearly non-stop rains for a month (as they say too much of anything is never good). Hope this remains for a few more days

Hopefully the country though should close July with a lesser defecit (with all the rain happening in the North now)

Atul said...

Thanks for required information :).

As per IMD, monsoon this year has followed different path and we can see that as western Maharashtra has received less rainfall as compared to normal and comparatively more in Vidarbha and Marathwada. Do you think western Maharashtra especially western ghats will receive very less rainfall or it would be covered by end of July? Would love to hear from you on this.
And once thanks again for such a good compilations. Your all postings are very valuable and make people aware of monsoon trends.

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