Saturday, July 24, 2010

Reporting at 11 am, on Saturday.Dark and very overcast ! That is what Mumbai is today morning. With heavy rains, 80 mms/hr rate at times, my estimates/forecasts have been pre poned by a day.Revising my Saturday forecast, I estimate Mumbai should have a very wet weekend. What was anticipated on Monday, as per my blog yesterday, has occured and taken place 24 hrs ahead of estimate.
What happened ? The low, has formed in the bay, off the Orissa coast, and before we could say "jack robinson", it has intensified to 996 mb, and spread its clouding far and wide. As if to say "sorry for the delay" it has come and swung into action almost instantly.

And the prevailing/existing low has all but vanished, or merged with the new low.
The flows towards the low from the Arabian Sea off the Maharashtra coast too were swift, and started almost "overnite," Resulting in intense clouding and heavy rains commencing all along the Konkan coast. Surely taken aback with the speed and "efficiency !
Hopefully, maintaining its momentum, the low will move inland across the heart of India, and rewind my forecast put up yesterday, along similar lines, by 2 days.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Rajesh,

I believe the UAC which was supposed to move into the sindh region has dissipated? Are there still chances of rain for Karachi on Saturday / Sunday? What about the next week?



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