Tuesday, July 20, 2010

All India Rainfall from 1st. June to 20th. July.

Cherrapunji: 4854 mms(+282)
Agumbe: 2021 mms
Shirali: 2004 mms
Honavar: 1759 mms
Harnai: 1707 mms (+488)
Goa Panjim: 1660 mms (+197)
Karwar: 1655 mms
Mangalore: 1626 mms
Ratnagiri:1611 mms (+173)
Mumbai Colaba: 1485 mms (+432)
Mahableshwar:1043 mms (-1339)

Today's rain accumalation shows good rains in Punjab and H.P. 103 mms during the day in Simla and 76 mms in Amritsar.
And rain along the western off shore trough.
See any signs of a low in the bay off A.P.??

Rainfall increase, upto 75 mms/day, in Mumbai from Wednesday thru Friday due to stronger off shore winds and possibility of low in bay.


anant said...

Today IMD evening update
A low pressure area is likely to form over northwest Bay of Bengal and neighbourhood around 24th July 2010.

Rajesh said...

anant, low pressure has formed and moved in as i said in my blog. I think another is due in a few days.

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