Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Extraordinary Desert Rain !!
And the Rains continue to lash Gujarat !
Sure, I did mention yesterday that there is 1 more day of rains there, but least imagined it would be with such vigour !

Kutch and Jamnagar districts bore the brunt.
Heaviest amonst the Gujarat rains as on Tuesday morning ( 24 hrs) were:
Kutch : Abdasa:103 mms, Anjar: 190 mms, Bhachau: 173 mms, Bhuj: 73 mms, Gandhidham: 100 mms,
Mandvi*: 449 mms, Mundra:116 mms,Nakhatrana: 95 mms, Rapar:104 mms
* Mandvi we discussed yesterday had recieved 124 % of its seasonal rain. But with another whopping 449mms, its got more than 250 %, with all the season's rain in a day yesterday !!
These are phenomenal for a day's rain. C'mon, this is desert territory, not a coastal region.
Kutch, has by now measured 97 % of its season's rain till Tuesday morning.

And another rain battered region,Jamnagar:
The 24 hrs rainfall as on Tuesday morning:
Jamnagar city: 466 mms,Jodia: 212 mms, Khambhalia:208 mms,Lalpur:164 mms,Kalyanpur:155 mms and Dwarka :97 mms
This district has by Tuesday recieved 97% of its season's rainfall !

Now, with Mumbai Colaba having reached its season's total, it can afford to adhere to our estimate of 2/3 days of "rest period". Required for "cleaning up" and restoring roads !
Today (Tuesday) morning, the Colaba rains for this season totalled 1923 mms. And the season's normal quota till Setember end is 1920 mms.
So, all in excess now ! I'm not talking about the lakes, mind well !


Anonymous said...

If the Low forms in the Bay by tomorrow then how will Mumbai get a dry spell respite? I am going by the logic of Mumbai getting a soaking on Saturday as the low formed in the Bay on Friday night. With the same logic if it forms by tomorrow afternoon we should start seeing heavy showers / rain by tomorrow night continuing till Thursday / Friday

Anonymous said...

How 'low' will this low be , will it be as strong the one we had the previous week , couple of other estimates suggest that this Low could dissipate in a day or two .

Rajesh said...

when a low in the bay deepens and becomes around 996 mb, and on crossing the coast , the winds start blowing in clouds onto the west coast..this is noramally the routine. check our last low, i mentioned it developed very fast to 996 and also crossed the coast.
I think, New low will initially be in the central bay and around 1002 mb initially.
please note this is the normal trend routine when a low forms in the bay. cases may differ sometimes

Nt said...

The COLA models seem to suggest a low forming around Central AP coast and then moving inland and slowly dissipating. Wouldn't this be a bit unseasonal? We normally see this around mid-September and not in July, in July we would generally expect the low to form in NW BoB and cover the northern-central belt and move towards Rajasthan

 Map by Vag. Tejas...Source "Mah. Water Respources Dept" 2nd august 2021