Sunday, June 07, 2015

Posted Sunday Night:

AS-1 , a depression, is situated at 16N and 68.5E as at 9 pm IST. Core pressure estimated at 998 mb and core wind speed estimated at 35 knts. The Western Quadrant shows thick precipitative cloudings, while the  the clouding in the Eastern quadrant has diminished. Central cloud tops, though weak, are at -55c.

Now, we had mentioned earlier, that after coming to 15N, it would track NW, due to the STR stabilising at higher levels in the North of the system. 
Moving NW, it will encounter cooler waters and drier air mass.Dry air already existing in the West of the system.

South West Monsoon moving into Coastal Karnataka by tonite.

Vagaries expands and grows...Another addition added. "Vagaries North"..edited  by Vagarian Arpit Sharma and others gives us a perfect resume of the North Indian Weather. 

Interestingly, it gives us an updated data of Daily Rainfall and Daily Temperatures of North Indian Cities.The only Blog which will give all cities weather of North India at a glance !

I am sure Arpit's efforts will keep Vagaries' readers well informed with the latest on the Gruelling North Indian Summers and the Chilly Winters.

We also stand by all the other Vagarians who are keeping us Updated through relentless efforts in other Vagaries' Editions !


Mumbai gets thunder showers Sunday evening: Highest rainfall in Central parts with Mumbai Central station measuring 30 mms, Grant Road 25 mms, dadar area 25 mms, marine Lines 10 mms. Suburbs got around 5 mms.

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Atul said...

Will this depression affect monsoon progress? If yes then up to what extent?

Rajesh said...

Atul: I have already said Monsoon is covering Karnataka by tomorrow 8th. Interiors may get weaker start of monsoon , but coastal progress will be as per vagaries estimate.

Rajesh said...

BTW, where are from Atul ?

SVT said...

Whats the forecast for Mumbai this week? Thundershowers to continue for next 2 days?

Rajesh K said...

One of the weakest onset for Bangalore.. Since 3 days ,weather is like December..crystal blue sky with no rain and wind from west..

Atul said...

I am from Akurdi(Pimpri chinchwad) Pune. As you already mentioned in comment I wanted to know if some parts will have weak onset or not.

Sarfaraj khan said...

Will there be any thundershowers for mumbai region today or up- coming week as monsoon is already delayed?

Rajesh said...

RajeshKumar: Monsoon yet to set in Bangalore...see Monsoon map on vagaries...yes, interiors are weak as mentioned, and today also monsoon moves along coast

Nagpur Downpour.... Cloudburst on 23rd between 2.30 am -3.30 am...98.5 mms a t city AWS Railway station 24 hr Rainfall till 8.30am of 23-9-2...