Monday, June 15, 2015

Mumbai Water Supplying Lake Levels
Last available levels as on 12th June
                                   Full Capacity        Current Levels  (McuM)

Bhatsa                       942                                    258
U.Vaitarna                 331                                       51
M.Vaitarna                195                                     194
Modak                       129                                        52
Tansa                        145                                        12
Vihar                            28                                         1
Tulsi                               8                                          2

                                  1778                                        480 (27%)

Supply Rate at 3.7 MCUM to city, Mumbai has about 95 days supply, or lasting till 15th September 2015. This is at present supply rate.

25% deducted for Drawable levels, Wastage in transit etc......

Mumbai Page will have regular tabular updates for easy references at later dates.


sset said...

Mumbai water supply quite comfortable compared to june 2014. Infact compared to june 2014, jone 2015 is receiving consistent rain. Rains have quickly departed from south east India(TN/Rayalseema),kerala and Karnataka. Focus is now more on MAHA,central India,GUJ. TN many places are into 2nd summer with temperatures 39-40c. IMD has put heavy to very heavy pours for next 4 days over konkan/goa...

anant said...

SSET @ Thanks for being the consistent voice amidst "vagaries" of weather and an unpredictable monsoon


sset said...

But we need to understand Rajesh sir section "But, have the parameters been fulfilled ? " myself need to google more on this.. apparently this time Augumbe/Mangalore have not received heavy spells

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