Tuesday, June 30, 2015

June 2015: One Month of Monsoon from Starting date, and its covered India and parts of Eastern and South East Pakistan (see map >>>>>)

SWM enters Rajasthan ( See post Below) with heavy rains in cms as on Tuesday Morning: 
Bundi 11, Dug 9, Chothkabarwara Sr 8, Pipalda Sr 7, Nawa7, Hindoli 7, Talera Sr 7, Sanganer Tehsil Sr 7, Uniara / Aligarh 6, Jaipur Tehsil Sr 6, Bijoliya Sr 6, Ladnoo5, Didwana 3, Sujangarh 3, 

Overall Monsoon performance in India:
Seasonal Rainfall (in mm) from 1 June to 30 June, 2015
Region             Actual                   Normal                        % Departure from Long Period Average
All India             189.5                    163.6                                              16%

East & NE          352.7                    349.9                                               1%
Northwest           90.6                      69.1                                              31%
Central India      202.8                    164.3                                             23%
South Peninsula 189.2                    158.9                                             19%

North India Details for June available in Vagaries North.   

Vagaries Goa gives us Goa June details  

Konkan Details of June prepared by Vagarian Puneet Bangera

Mumbai Water supply Lakes Position on 30th June 2015:
In Mcum...Bhatsa  332, Vaitarna 89, Modak 68, Tansa 30, Vihar 8, Tulsi 5 and Middle Vairatna 122.

Total Storage 654..Presuming 33% for wastage, leakeges, Loss etc, we have 436 Mcum as storage usable. Source WRD Mah Govt..compiled by Jayesh Mehta
And taking a daily supply of 3.7 Mcum to Mumbai, Mumbai has 118 days supply available as on 30th June.

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NilaY Wankawala said...

Nice to see all 4 regions excess of normal. Let's hope trend continues universally for all of them till end of swm 2015.

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