Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Mumbai Lake Storage on Mumbai Page

Massive numbers in Maharashtra. While tracking DD, we forgot Maharashtra. Some preliminary figures of rainfall ending 8.30 am on 24.06.2015

- 475 mm
Tapola - 472 mm
Kitwade - 369 mm
Lonawala - 363 mm
Gavase - 337 mm
Shiragaon - 310 mm

Shiragaon now has got 1816 mm rainfall from June 1st. Apart from Cherrapunji and Mawsysnaram. Only Parsons valley has got better rainfall. Lamaj comes third at  1684 mm.
Posted Tuesday Night:

AS-2, after crossing Land, is now located as a depression at 21N and 71.5E, just SE of Amreli Town.
Expected to track NE towards Bhavnagar district and weaken into a WML by tomorrow.

Heavy rains and squally weather likely on Tuesday night in Saurashtra , South Gujarat Coast and N.Konkan.Very Heavy rains also likely in Saurashtra and commencing in parts of Kutch.
Rains likely on Tuesday night in Southern and SE Sindh.

Mumbai: Squally winds and periods of heavy rains likely on Tuesday night. Some downpours will be very heavy.

Some Gujarat high rain amounts ( Starters)from Pradeep John..Till 8.30 am (23.06.15)
Choryasi - 172 mm Olpad - 157 mm Kamrej - 141 mm Diu - 118 mm Ghogha - 110 mm Valod - 104 mm Surat - 103 mm

Posted Tuesday Evening..
AS-2 crosses Gujarat coast, near Diu, late afternoon.

In Gujarat, Veraval 37 mms, Vadodra saw 14 mms, Surat, Bhavnagar  and Valsad 9 mms till 5.30 pm.
Mumbai SCruz measured 45 mms and Colaba & Vagaries  19 mms. 
Next Post 10.30 pm IST

Posted Tuesday Afternoon 2 pm IST

Medium, heavy and very heavy rainfall expected over different parts of Saurashtra, Kutch, South Gujarat and North Konkan. Squally winds expected .

Posted Tuesday Morning

As a sudden change of directional track, AS-2, A depression in the Arabian Sea, has moved Eastwards in the previous 6 hrs. Post mid night (Monday), the system suddenly took course towards East ( tracking along with an upper air trough), and moved from 67.7E ( Last Night) to 70.1E by Tuesday morning....Vagaries of the Weather !!

System can now take a NE or E/NE course, and most likely strike the south Saurashtra coast within next 12-15hrs. Due to land proximity, it may not deepen very much now.
On crossing land, it will weaken.Strong winds and thunder showers likely along south Gujarat coastline and Saurashtra coastline. Dwarka, Porbandar, Veraval will have major impact.

In a sudden change of weather, Mumbai got strong gusty winds and thunder showers from 4.30 am  Tuesday, gusting to 54 kmph and periods of intermittent heavy rains. By 8.30 am, Santa Cruz had recorded 89 mms , creating a new all time high for June by touching a total 1039 mms. Colaba manged 70 mms.


Nilesh Ladhad said...

Any chance of heavy rain in Valsad??
Now only drizzle to light rain.


sir till when the rains ease in mumbai or do we expect some more rain like 26 july 2005 rains in mumbai

gaurav raninga said...

Sir,this is going to happen on 32 anniversary of cyclone disaster in junagadh district (22 June 1983)....!!!

Nilay Wankawala said...

Latest update el nino as on 23 06 2015 Credit Australian bureau of meteorology.

El Niño consolidates
The 2015 El Niño continues to strengthen. Central and eastern tropical Pacific Ocean sea surface temperature indices are more than 1 °C above average for the sixth consecutive week. International climate models surveyed by the Bureau of Meteorology indicate further consolidation is likely. El Niño events typically strengthen during the second half of the year, reaching full strength during late spring or early summer. It is not possible at this stage to determine how strong this El Niño will be.

El Niño is typically associated with below-average winter and spring rainfall over eastern Australia and above-average daytime temperatures over the southern half of the country during the second half of the year. The strength of an El Niño does not always determine the strength of its effects on Australia's climate. There are examples of weak El Niño events resulting in widespread drought and strong El Niño events with little impact on rainfall.

The Indian Ocean Dipole (IOD) is currently neutral. Of the five international models that provide IOD outlooks, three suggest a positive IOD is likely during the southern spring. A positive IOD is typically associated with reduced winter and spring rainfall over parts of southern and central Australia.

hiren lakadia said...

No record of rain in Ahmedabad in monsoon

Muhammed faisal said...

So it means bbc and other models forcast was correct that drpression willl ho through saurashra. And as usual no rain for khi and sindh.

Muhammad Irfan Bhundi said...

Karachi has been exceptionally hot. Temperature today clocked at 41C and not a cloud in the sky. Seems there will be even no drizzle let alone heavy rains which was forecast in the last update on vagaries.

sset said...

Depression seems to have entered GUJ - turn for 100x/200x mm pours. Mumbai day and night howling winds like haunted castle with sharp rains.....

rajesh said...

Sarvesh: Mumbai record for June is broken..Scruz

SVT said...

Not sure that rain shot from plane is from yesterday. Almost same photo is on the internet since last 3 years. Here is the link. http://imgur.com/gallery/omuuM

rajesh said...

SVT..yes, realised the pic is old..removed it..Thanks

Vijay N said...

What record? With no rain harvesting, water goes back to ocean leaving behind Malaria etc. No reporting on lakes which is the only unknown here.

sset said...

Modi Govt should focus on river interconnect.... We need big route to connect Mumbai/Ghat areas to SE India (Rayalseema / Tamil Nadu)... It is sad all water going waste....more to come for next 4 months...

sset said...

Only hoping lack of rains over KAR/KER will prove disastrous for Cauvery river (life line for KAR / TN)

Vinod Desai said...

Gujarat has got very heavy rainfall.

Muhammed faisal said...

No rain at all in karachi and most of sindh till now. Rajesh when bob2 expected and what will route of that system expected?

sset said...

Definitely we see huge climatic change - MAHA/GUJ is becoming wetter every passing year with more frequent extreme rains + North ARB sea becoming more violent while SE India with dependence on NEM is becoming more drought impacted and drier...

GUJ- The highest rainfall — 25.44 inches — was recorded at Bagasara in Amreli - 650mm in 24 hrs!!! BANG 1 year of rain!!!

Wondering when will monsoon revive over KAR/KER - myself from Rayalseema not seen rain for past 5 years always drought.


sset said...

Army/Navy alert for GUJ rains.... like sept 2013 ???


Monsoon has advanced into Delhi- imd


As monsoon advanced into north west . Rajesh sir why wind direction today turned NW/WNW ?

Saurabh Dwivedi said...

Hello Rajesh
North India received some rain over the last couple of days and IMD has concluded that monsoon has covered the entire country except western Rajasthan, which is ahead of schedule. In fact in 24 hours the monsoon went from Patna to Amritsar.
The rain event over Northern India had a lot to do with the western disturbance interacting with the AS and BB lows and looks like the next few days will be dry over North West India.

Do you share the IMD view regarding the monsoon progress?

Vinod Desai said...

Saurashtra has got severe rains.lots of damage of life and property.

sset said...

Famous Asiatic lion sanctuary - only one of its kind "GIR FOREST" submerged lions stranded.... I remember we passing through forest in jeep 30 years back... we bad tense moments ---those days GUJ was largely connected by nostalgic steam engines...24hrs of rains GUJ enters into excess cycle..

Nilay Wankawala said...

IMD 26 th June 2015 eve bulletin says swm 2015 has moved further into remaining parts of West rajasthan and thus it has covered entire country today the 26th June 2015. Sir is this the fastest approach of any swm in India covering entire country in June itself ?

Karan Kumbhar said...

I think june 2013 was fastest monsoon advance on record . Please confirm.

Posted Wednesday Afternoon:Position of "GAJA" 1130 am : 12.8/84.8  Winds: 75-85 gusting to 95  Status:Cyclonic Storm