Friday, November 01, 2013

After the recent snow and rain in the North, we see clear weather this weekend for the region.
Clear skies will bring patches of fog in parts of Punjab.

Divali weekend will bring hazy sunshine to Delhi NCR, with crisp and nippy nights. Temperature for New Delhi range will be between 31c and 16/17c till Tuesday. Some places in NCR dropping to 15c.

However, another WD, WD-2, will be approaching from the West, and will be over Northern regions of Pakistan by Tuesday 5th evening. Expected to bring rain and snow in Northern Pakistan and then move into India from Wednesday, 6th November. 

The 200 hpa jet streams are strong and uniform, thus inducing and tracking WDs eastwards, being an ideal condition for formation and eastward tracking of WDs. But, we do not see a "Rossby" in them yet. That would bring in much more rain and encourage creation of a deeper upper and mid trough, to induce another low in the plains. As yet, today, that is not visible or possible to form .

Kolkata will have a dry and sunny Divali. Pleasant range of 30c-19c.

In Sindh,Pakistan, it will be dry and warm. Karachi will be lightly clouded, but warm and mostly sunny. Temperature range will be between 31c and 21c. WD-2 will effect Upper Sindh on Tuesday.

In Kathmandu, it will be a dry and pleasant Divali. Days will be partly cloudy, and in the 22c region. However, nights will be a pleasant 11c. November is generally a dry month for the city, where the average rain is only 8 mms.Pokhra got light rains today (4 mms).
Western Nepal likely to expect next showers around 6th/7th from WD-2.

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Please Read the New Set Up. This will help in easy follow up and previous references:
In our sub Continent, the variation and weather fluctuations vary from season to season. SWM is active and covers the major portion of the country from June -September.

Now, the South needs special covering and follow up for the NEM during the next 2 months. The North, NW, Pakistan and Nepal are cold and freezing, and with fog or WDs, and need an exclusive mention many a times.

Looking at this need, Vagaries will make a special NEM Page (for this NEM season), and keep it updated almost daily with the latest, so that the follow up and continuity of the successive articles are easy to refer back and understand. Normally, another (unrelated) event would push the article down, and continuity is lost. 

South Weather will be on new NEM Page ONLY.

Mumbai Weather will be updated on Mumbai Page ONLY at regular intervals.
The North, Pakistan and Nepal and other regions weather will be on main Page.

This arrangement will commence from tonite..all 3 pages ( Main,NEM, Mumbai) will be updated on Friday Night by 11 pm IST.




Sunny Arora said...

what is this term Rossby please

Rajesh said...

Anuj: Rossby waves are troughs and dips in the 200 jet streams. They play a major influence on the weather; Read more here:

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