Sunday, November 17, 2013

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Ratnagiri at 35.5c on Monday 18th November was at the peak as (almost) the hottest in Asia.. Beaten by Maumere (Indonesia) which recorded 35.6c...Whew !! saved the (hot) day for Ratnagiri !! 
Panji was 34.5c, Mumbai Scuz recorded 34.1c  and Colaba 34.5c. 

Bhira station recorded 37.7c on Monday, but I do not trust and do not believe the readings at that station to be accurate.)

Meanwhile, the hottest place in the world on Monday was Ngabu (Malawi) at 42c,

Life Cycle video of BB-18 compiled by Santosh Subramanian on Inter active Page...
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Posted Sunday Night:
Bay will be buzzing again from Thursday,18th: Precipitation resumes for the East Coast from 22nd.

A UAC will form "in situ" in the Bay in the Central region on 18th at around 15N. The UAC will descend to sea level, track Westwards, and cross the East Coast of India in the Southern AP region around the 22nd. Rains very heavy along AP coast and interiors, but good rains all along the coast of TN also. Could be numbered by Tuesday (BB-19).

Hyderabad gets rains on Friday 22nd.

Chennai will get a break in rain intensity from Tuesday thru Thursday. 
Friday, 22nd, the rains commence again. 

On 21st November, potential Low could form in the SE Bay, South of Andaman Islands in the 7N region. Can have a good potential for further developing possibly upto DD or cyclone stage.

As BB-18 dissipates, a pulse enters the Arabian Sea. Precipitation could be expected in coastal and interior Karnatak, south Konkan and ghat regions of Central Konkan.
Mumbai, as a result, will be cloudy on Monday. Outer townships in the East will be cloudy with light rains on Monday.
Pune cold becomes less, and clouds appear, with light rain possible on Monday.

Dry and cold in North Sub-Continent and Pakistan. Next WD scheduled for Saturday, 23rd towards Pakistan.

Long term forecasts can move a day either way

On Sunday morning, low Night temperatures in Northern India, with Adampur at 6.0c,  Hissar was 6.3c, Ludhiana at 7.0c,  Amritsar at 7.4c, Agra at 8.4c. Leh recorded -9.9c.
Delhi Sjung was at 9.2c, and Jafarpur in NCR was at 8.2c.
(It will be recalled that vagaries had estimated a drop of 3/4c after Saturday in the plains)

Maharashtra also showed a drop in night temperatures. Nasik was at 9.7c, Pune 9.9c, Aurangabad dropped to 11.7c.(see all Maharashtra Lows on Rohit's Page) 

NEM effect> Maximum Temperatures and rainfall in Tamil Nadu as on Sunday,17th November morning:

Chennai Meena 25.6c 124 mms, Nungam 26.1c  80 mms, Adirampatnam 26.2c   8 mms,  Dharmapuri 24.5c  90 mms, Karaikal 26.3c  20 mms, Tiruchirapalli 23.5c   142 mms, Nagapttinum 24.9c  3 mms, Salem 23c  49 mms, Vellore 23.4c  15 mms and Kodiakanal 12.7.c (That's cold)  with 15 mms!!...more Chennai Rains on NEM Page


emkay said...

But didnt u predict increase in temperature s in Mumbai with cloudy skies from today. Or will it happen tomorrow as there was a delay in the depression moving in ?

emkay said...
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Rajesh said...

emkay: yes, had predicted cloudy for Mumbai . that was estimated on BB-18 pushed ahead a few days....all forecats pushed of now, the pulse from BB-18 is moving west into the Arb Sea..should emerge in 12/36 hrs.
Will be fast in pushing west as east coast trough is strengthening.

Rajesh said...

emkay: but, i clarified in blog that the forecasted low was for the plains (of N.India)..

Arpit Sharma said...

Pusa University in Central Delhi yesterday recorded the lowest minimum temperature in the plains of the country i.e. 5.5 °C.

Hrishikesh said...

no clouds in mumbai!! when do we expect the clouds to arrive?

ameya said...

Will mumbai get any rains on tuesday or wed?

ameya said...

Will it rain in Mumbai Tue or wed, not cloudy as of yet but yes feeling a bit warmer than yesterday sir when do you expect change in weather for mumbai/thane
also what are the winter temp predictions for whole of india and maharashtra mumbai in particular curious abt this year winter if it will beat 2012 winter or be warmer

Rajesh said...

Hrishikesh: Mumbai is partly cloudy at the present moment. High/medium clouds dotting the sky.
Ameya: the chances of rain for Mumbai is dim, only cloudy and warm...outer townships may get light drizzle..
I have a personal assessment of winter this year, and it seems that the December period for Mumbai will be around normal..16-19 c and normal to slightly below normal for N.India
Jan 2014 will be cold in first half for N.India and Mumbai...Mumbai will see lower night temps

emkay said...

Rajeshbhai, will the heavy cloudiness upto UAE translate into a big amplitude WD soon ??

Rajesh said...

emkay: shall update tonite

Unknown said...

heavy cloudiness in UAE oh dear clouds might fall from the sky .

Unknown said...
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