Saturday, June 30, 2012

June 2012 Rainfall totals (in mms) for some Local Stations. 

Mumbai Centres: Colaba  177mms  Scruz  299 mms  vagaries 160 mms.  

Around Mumbai: Thane 385 mms   Panvel  311 mms  Vasai 158 mms  

Rest of Maharashtra: Malvan 1332 mms (Highest in State), M'shwar  581 mms, Aurangabad 77 mms,  Pune 36 mms. The stations like Shirgonda and Shirur mentioned are still at 0 mms.

South Stations: Bangalore 7 mms, Chennai AP 47 mms, Chennai 25 mms, Surat 85 mms. 

Rain for June in Mumbai Lake Areas: Tulsi 513 mms, Vihar 401 mms, Bhatsa 252, Vaitarna 162 mms

Maharashtra Dams and Reservoir levels and Storage in % as on 30th June: Konkan 28%, Marathwada 6%,  Amrawati 19%,  Nagpur 20%,  Nasik 7%, Pune 9%  
Others: 21%.  Avg for State: 13%

See Mumbai Page for Mumbai Lakes Storage.


Anonymous said...

its thundering in the eastern side of mumbai
i can hear those sounds from sakinaka andheri east
from khan

Joshi said...

Rajesh Sir,
You are bang on prediction. You mentioned yesterday that, Hyderabad gets good rains during weekend. And its raining around 1.5 hrs.

Why regions in South Karnatak lagging so much ? Any chance in near future ?

Anonymous said...

i saw the METAR reports at 11.10pm and 11.40pm of mumbai airport showing thunderstorm. But at borivali there is absolutely no lightning visible. the moon is shining with few low clouds. there are some high clouds at the southeast but no sign of lightning!!!

sset said...

Rajesh - Good cloud cover over AP? Seems clouds over orissa took south west course. Are they rain bearing or only shallow ones which drift away? Rajesh you are very close to prediction of 500mm for Mumbai june rain - thane managed 400mm - quite good. And Malvan 1400mm much higher then Augumbe. Seems almost similar to 2009 pattern?

Bangalore 4th direst june last 112years!!!!! - as given in Deccan Herald
This June, Bangalore recorded the fourth lowest rainfall for the month in 112 years! Receiving only 7.2 mm of rain for the entire first month of the monso­on, the City remained pa­rc­hed like never in recent memory.

The June 2012 rainfall figure is dangerously close to 4.5 mm, the lowest ever recorded for the month in 1945. Laid out in asce­nding order, the June rainfall figures for Bangalore since 1901 reve­al that 2012 ranks at the bo­ttom 5 percentile since the turn of the last century. The figures were analysed by Know Your Climate, a climate-tracking initiative of the Bangalore-based NGO, Public Affairs Centre.

The 7.2 mm rainfall indicated a whopping 92 per cent de­ficit, a record that ought to ring alarm bells for the City which is reeling under an unprecedented drinking water crisis. In June 2011, the City received 57.7 mm. In June 2010, it was a high 105.2 mm, a far cry from this year’s near dro­ught. The figures are distu­rb­ing even if the Meteorological Department is in a rush to assure that the rains are just 24 hours away. If the BBMP was banking on rainwater harvesting to partially solve the city’s water crisis, the skies failed to respond .

The implications are clear. Already hit by a below-par pre-monsoon showers, Bangalore’s surviving lakes and the already low groundwater table would have to wait even longer to get recharged. Thousands of reside­nts in the outlying areas of BBMP are hit hard. Bo­r­e­w­e­lls are drying up in several ap­a­r­tment bl­ocks. Bangalore’s April rainfall was a low 13.8 mm against the month average of 43.9 mm. The 143 mm rainfall in May ba­r­ely compensated for the acute shortfall.

Dr V S Prakash, director, Karnataka State Natural Disaster Management Centre warned the lack of rain in June will have a cascading effect.

Dr N H Ravindranath of the Indian Institute of Science said, “Dr­y spell for one whole month may be an impact of climate ch­ange, but again it is very co­m­plex phenomenon to establish the actual reason.”

Shitij said...

Despite of heavy cloud cover no rain in Surat.

Anonymous said...

No rain in Delhi-NCR from the past 60 days,seems we are not going to get rains in the near future.

Anonymous said...

Rajesh sir,kya delhi main is sal barish hogi bhi ya nhi

Shitij said...

Surat is getting some medium showers from the last 60 minutes.

Abhijit Modak said...

@ Rajesh sir. How can there be an such variation in rainfall in just 2 kms range !! Now IMD's Navy Nagar Colaba weather station reporting 77.7 mm of rainfall in past 24hrs upto 8.30 am of 1st July 2012 on their website. But on other hand BMC's automatic weather station site reporting just 0.25 mm rainfall at Colaba fire station !! So why such extreme variation in just 2kms range? Whether it was localized thunderstorm formation! Or some technical error from either side IMD Mumbai or from BMC
side while monitoring rains !!

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for the mobile version of Vagaries ... very convenient on my iPhone.. when on the move.

svt said...

I think heaviest rains will be on wednesday & tuesday, aggregate of 2 days could be over 150 mm *fingers crossed*. If I am right you still havent given your july forecast for Mumbai in terms of volume of rain.

Shitij said...

Medium rainfall in Surat accompanied with heavy thunderstorm.

Rajesh said...

Thanks Joshi: keep me improve my forecasting.
abhijit: Colaba measured 78 mms.i had a talk with the Bureau guy, and he said they measured 78 mms at colaba, and it was in a small area.i told them here at Mahalaxmi i measured 6 mms. And i would not rely too much on these BMC figures 9Colaba Fire Staion), as i have not seen the positioning or whether the guage is at the fire station. Rule it out. These are just for reference.dont worry too much about localised rain or the variation -:))
I dont quite digest the 78 mms either..-:))
sset: Blore is in a very bad situation.!!

Rajesh said...

delhi folks: Put up what i feel about the delhi rains...
svt: Mumbai july estimate on Mumbai Page..

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