Thursday, June 28, 2012

Water Storage Position for Maharashtra and Mumbai put up on Mumbai Page.
Rainfall from 8.30am -5.30pm Thursday:
Mumbai Colaba 28 mms, S'Cruz 18.0 mms, Vagaries 18.0 mms, Alibag 14.0 mms, Mahableshwar 27 mms , Panjim 43 mms, Ratnagiri 40 mms
Next 6 hrs (valid till 1am Friday) for Mumbai : A few Passing Showers.

Latest on MJO and July outlook tomorrow 

Mumbai Special :

Well, its finally here ! After holding on to the hope of a Thursday revival, Mumbai got its heavy downpour from early morning.

As explained in Vagaries yesterday, there was some hope of the off shore trough strengthening off N.Konkan.
 Yesterday's MSLP chart put up (for Mumbai region) clearly showed the trough forming only off S. Konkan and below. Having the "capability" to form further North was envisaged in Vagaries yesterday. 

No, upper air charts do not indicate any UAC formation. Rains are purely a result of the much awaited (since Tuesday) off shore trough.(not localised). 

However, rainfall throughout Mumbai has been very very erratic. Check these figures:
In the 24 hrs till 8.30 am Thursday, Colaba measured 21 mms, S'Cruz  75 mms, Vagaries 4 mms, Thane 145 mms, Panvel 2 mms, Vasai 44 mms.

Since 8.30 am till 11.30am (Thursday), Dadar has received 50 mms, while Goregaon area it seems has measured 102 mms. and Malad 116 mms and Kandivali 130 mms. 
Colaba Weather Station has recorded 26 mms and S'Cruz 17 mms. vagaries measures 17 mms.

Expecting Rainfall to taper down after 3 pm.


Anonymous said...

its raining almost continuously with heavy spells since 2.30AM in borivali (west). right now 10.13am its very light

svt said...

till 12 hrs ago no one predicted this kind of heavy rains in Mumbai. But now most weather forecasting sites predicting very heavy rains in Mumbai for next 24 hrs. Although the heaviest rains are predicted just off north konkan coast. Has uac formed off north konkan coast?

NT said...

Heavy showers in Juhu since early morning. Some showers accompanied by thunder around 7:00 AM. Right now persistent light / medium rain for the past 45 mins. Rain intensity in some of the showers was very heavy.

Abhijit Modak said...

@svt. Till last night no one predicted heavy rain for Mumbai. But Today morning by seeing heavy rains common people also can predict heavy rain by looking at sky ! @ Rajesh sir. Why this Heavy rains limited to North Konkan coastal Belt only ? Only Mumbai, Thane,Alibag, Uran, Vasai- Virar are getting heavier rains ! But interior North Konkan where all dams of Mumbai, Thane are loacated are still dry ! For Example:- Kalyan, Shahapur, Murbad, Karjat, Matheran are having just drizzles ! So even Mumbai dams site like Tansa, Bhatsa, Modaksagar, UpperVatiarna must be dry I think ! Even Barvi Dam, Badlapur must be noted an just drizzle ! So when Interior Konkan & western ghat region like Malshej Ghat & Bor Ghat will get heavy rains as all rivers orginate from here and they play important role for increasing dam water levels!

Anonymous said...

@Abhijit, yes even in Lonavala its partly cloudy no heavy rains. seems its some localised convection which is bringing in the rain. rains should end anytime soon

Anonymous said...

Heavy rain over Ghatkopar - Kurla. Flooding on LBS marg and around Vidyavihar,,,,potey

Bhavik said...

More than 150 mm of rainfall in Kandival in last 12 hrs. the higest speed/rate being 50mm/hr
Meanwhile Worli received just 12 mm of rainfall.

emkay said...

Rajeshbhai, for once Panvel is trailing in this spell. First drop of rain was at 0800 AM today morning in past 12 hours.

Already Colaba side has brightened up with no rains past 90 mts.

Anonymous said...

if this forecast


is to be correct then there should be very little rain in mumbai till 3 july!!

Anonymous said...

Bright sunshine at Kurla Ghatkopar..........potey

Shitij said...

When the Surat will get heavy showers? Surat is getting heavy showers but it does not last more than 10 minutes so when the Surat will get continous heavy showers?

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