Wednesday, June 27, 2012

As the West Coast Off shore trough persisit ( Quote:IMD), S.Konkan/Goa are Continuously lashed by rains. Goa too has achieved the 1000 mms mark for this Monsoon.
After Malvan in S.Konkan, it is Patgaon (1048 mms)  in Maharashtra and Pernem (1156 mms) and Quepem (1034 mms) in Goa.Gaganbavda (Kolhapur) is at 890mms, while Amboli was 812 mms ( till 25th June).

The strength of the trough is really showing its might in the region with heavy rains persisting. 5-11 cms in the last 24 hrs have added to the totals. Rains remain weak in North Konkan.
The reasons for the divided rains are clear from this IMD chart, showing a weak trough off N.Konkan.

Mumbai had 1.6 mms at Colaba and no rai at S'cruz or at Vagaries. The off shore trough will remain in position till at least Saturday. A further weakening of the monsoon trough can possibly strengthen the trough off  N.Konkan . It is resisted by lack of energy and momentum (weak MJO aided). Mumbai can still hold out hopes for some improved rainfall for Thursday.

But, seeing the current charts and synoptic scene, I see the Off shore trough getting stronger along the S.Konkan and Goa coast again on Sunday 1st July and Monday 2nd July. Very heavy rains expected in Goa    
 on 1st/2nd.July.

Meanwhile, much needed rains are lashing Chennai now, Wednesday evening/night.Rainfall measured upto 7 mms till night.
The rainfall from cross Kerala has crept in thru western TN.

Pradeep informs us of the heaviest rainfall ! 220 mms ended 27th June, 772 mms in 24 hrs ended 8.30 am 26th June, 461 mms ended 25th June. 1453 mms in 3 days !!
Yes ! Whereelse ? But Cherrapunji !! Undoubtedly the King !


junaid said...

finally situataions seems to be improved!!!overcast thickly clouded grey skey with light rains at panvel!!!

Ganesh said...

Finally its pouring..but accompanied by thunder :0

Shitij said...

Surat is also getting some heavy passing showers. Sky is fully covered with dark grey clouds.

Ganesh said...

Some stations like Kurla have received 67 mm in just last one hour !!

Abhijit Modak said...

So in North Konkan, Coastal cities who are near to sea like Mumbai, Thane, Vasai belt getting more heavy rains than Interior North Konkan area like Panvel, Kalyan, Ulhasnagar, Ambernath & Murbad Area !I think coastal cities from last night till today 8.30 am morning have crossed 100mm mark. But Interior North Konkan just have manage rain around 10 or 20mm only till 8.30am today!

junaid said...

@Abhijit Modak u r rytt panvel managed only light rain thruout the nyt,,but now its raining heavily !!! Nd its thickly overcast with fast moving low clouds!!! @rajesh today m leaving for vengurla ,,will update u abt the weather thr!!!

Abhijit Modak said...

@junaid. Yaa same here in Badlapur just drizzled whole night. Even Matheran,Karjat too has drizzle only ! so still waiting for Heavy Rains here..

Bhavik said...

More than 150 mm of rainfall in Kandival in last 12 hrs. the higest speed/rate being 50mm/hr
Meanwhile Worli received just 12 mm of rainfall.

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