Thursday, November 04, 2010

Bay Depression Position:
Location: 8.6N and 91.3E. Movement North-West in 6 hrs.About 1150/1200 kms SE from Chennai.
Core Pressure: 1000 mb. Reduced from 1002 mb
Wind Speeds: 30 Knts. 
Getting organised with swirl bands forming, indicating wall formation. Means, core pressure set to fall.Cirrus clouds in NW have formed with jet stream drag.


Anonymous said...

hello sir,do u have any account of how many cyclones have occurred this year & has it surpassed last year's figure?

Unknown said...

excepting to arrival 04 Nov Mid Night

Anonymous said...

gusty winds from the east and orange cloudy skies at borivali. haven't seen the lightning yet. at 0704 pm.

Anonymous said...

Lot of wind & drizzle now..lightning increased as well..

Anonymous said...

Heavy rain with lightning..what is going on??

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