Thursday, November 04, 2010

Depression still at the same strength as previous report.And the current progress is not encouraging.
Locationat 8.5N and 90E, remains at around the same 1200 kms ESE of chennai.
But, we had predicted a deepening today, but is at 1000 mb, and now expected to accelarate into a DD. I would wait to announce the cyclone formation as yet.
Crossing the coast would be on the T.N. coast. As a cyclone ??
Heavy rains could now commence along the T.N.coastfrom 6th,with increasing intensity by 6th, evening.

On the west coast, there the no chart available showing whether the vortex has crossed inland.But, looking at the satellite picture, I am of the opinion that it seems to have done so, what with the heavy thunder clouding in North Mah.

I am now, on the 4th, in Matheran, and this station has witnessed a violent thunderstorm from 6pm for 2 hrs.with heavy lightning and gusty winds, Matheran measured up 45 mms of rain in an hour.

Some of the thunder cells shifted towards north Mumbai region.


Akshay Deoras said...

Jal has become INTENSE as per prediction

NT said...

Rajesh, hope you are having a good Diwali in Matheran. Wishing you and family a very happy Diwali and a fantastic new year ahead.


P.S. Can you send me your cell number again please? I lost my phone last week and all the contacts are lost

NT said...

The weather in Rajasthan was fantastic these 9 days, clear skies with nice temperatures greeted us everywhere. Landded in Mumbai yesterday afternoon and was surrounded by cumulus and few CBs as we approached the city. Back to Mumbai and back to rains !!!

A brief look at the weather models suggest that the Cyclone may sneek upto Mumbai (in whatever form) by mid week. What's your take?

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