Sunday, November 07, 2010

So Jal is the shortest lived category 1 storm ever to have crossed T.N. or most probably any where else. From Cat 1 to a DD in under 18 hours.
People will remember Jal at least for this record

Few hours back, the search was on for the "eye" of JAL, but now we are searching JAL !
Putting up the latest satellite image. And you can enter the "Search for Jal " Quiz contest !

Moving inland , the low will precipitate dimnishing amounts of rain in interior T.N. with a bright Monday for Chennai. Rains will decrease from tomorrow afternoon in Bangalore. But showers will move into Mah, with south Mah. getting intermittent rains from tomorrow. Mahableshwar could expect some rains next couple of days.
Konkan will see precipitation next 2 days, as the swirl covers the region.

Putting up Mumbai forecast on "Mumbai Weather" page.View Inter action Page for Matheran pics.


Anonymous said...


Much Ado About Nothing.

Ra from Chennai.

Anonymous said...

what exactly went wrong/right with cyclone Jal ? It's bit bewildering to know that Jal which was touted as potential super cyclone turned out to be a rainless deep depression .


Rajesh said...

This cyclone, was very short lived like I mentioned. Short lived as a cyclone, in the sea. There it was facing resistance from 4th. Nov. itself. thats why I asked, on 4th. itself, with 2 "??" whether it will hit coast as a cyclone?Resistance to this system from wind shear was heavy.

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