Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Depression in Indian Waters. At 8.5N and 95E, starts rolling west-northwest. Deepening by Wednesday.

West coast too may get a mild drenching this week.
Mumbai forecast put up on Mumbai page.


Anonymous said...

Is the track of cyclonbe on course to cross North Tamil nadu /South Andhra or will keep its westward course to cross Srilankan coast ?

Anonymous said...

where is mumbai page?

Rajesh said...

Will update latest position. But,my projected path remains the track mentioned in my blog..the last projection remain..until a change or new forecast is put up.

Mumbai page is the one next to "Home" and is titled "Mumbai Weather". Sorry for not being clear.
Please refer to Mumbai weather for forecast updates, and the forecast remains in force till changes are made.

Anonymous said...

it seems to strengthening really fast

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