Monday, November 15, 2010

Sharp fall in Mumbai temperatures in a short time span. From 28.3 c at 7.30pm to 25.0c at 8.30 pm at Breach Candy, and from 28.0c to 23.0c in the same time span at S'Cruz.

Mumbai Forecast put up on Mumbai weather page.



Satellite imagery is intense for Mumbai area... I shall be in Pune from this sunday till friday (26th)..
Need for carrying umbrella looks much more than sweaters. New low, new probabilities

NT said...

Was very squally at Andheri around 7:30 pm, rains, thunder and lightning followed (the usual stuff these days), there was moderately heavy rains around 8:00 pm till 9:00 pm then it subsided, things again picked up around 10 pm, the rain continues with a good intensity even now @ 11 pm.

Cloud top temperatures showed -50 degree celcius in North Maharashtra and around -40 degree celcius around Mumbai.

Hail in Goa? That would really take the cake, but then as we have seen anything is possible these days so guess no surprises.

One observation - as usual IMD is super silent on what's happening along the West coast and also NW India (Delhi had rains and so did places in Rajasthan). No analysis, no statements, it's business as usual folks what's the fuss about?

Rajesh said...

S'Cruz had 4 mms till 8.30 pm. Here at my place it was 12 mms till 10.30, thats when it has stopped.
regarding the reporting ?!?! At least Vagaries is keeping all posted on the developments and the situation,as afr as possible fronews from even small cities, like ur information, and the estimated forecast.

NT said...

Rajesh, 'Vagaries' is doing a fantastic job, no doubt, hence so many of us go through the blog regularly and post our comments. As mentioned earlier too in my comments the only source of analysis we get for weather around Mumbai is 'Vagaries'. I am a bit surprised though with IMD and it's reporting. They do a very transactional reporting job (figures for rains will be put up tomorrow with some standard forecast)

Awaiting your forecast for Mumbai for the next couple of days :-) My estimate is that Santacruz will touch around 15 - 20 mms till 8:30 am tomorrow, the rains continue here with a decent frequency at 11:16 pm

Anonymous said...

Its been such a quiet monsoon in TN so far places such as Chennai had 250 mm , Nagapattinam hardly 150 mm . Rainshadow areas such as Dharmapuri and Krishnagiri getting above normal precipatation.
Nice observation NT :) its always business as usual for IMD !

Anonymous said...

its 5.30 am. woke up with a rumble of thunder at around 5. intense lightning at north. since santacruz metar shows nothing this must be very localised. (i am at borivali)

Anonymous said...

there was a bit of lightening at 5am as well in deonar,can anyone else confirm that??Same was the case yest...

Rajesh said...

I heard thunder at 4 am and occasional thunder for 30 mins after that. south Mumbai breach candy.

 Sunday Night.. 17th Heavy showers in Nasik & Jalgaon..  And in West U. P. and NCR (Posts of 11th & 15th)