Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Before reading this, please refer forecast put up yesterday (below) for easy tracking..

The Monsoon trough has started moving Northwards on Wednesday. Its all in line as per yesterday's estimate..

The monsoon is becoming active in the North. We had mentioned it would increase prominently in Utteranchal. Naini Tal and Chamoli recieved 11 cms each. 

Rains are also purported to  also increase in the Delhi NCR, and Gurgaon has recieved 4 cms..however Delhi proper had no meaningfull rain yet.

And west coast off shore trough has become feeble...low rains in Konkan today, wednesday till 5.30 pm saw Ratnagiri getting only 9 mms, and Panjim 2 mms...Mumbai 0.4 mms.
It is a 3 day forecast..and its the first day on Wednesday.

In Pakistan too, the rains have moved into the North, and Islamabad gets 12 mms today, and Muree 5 mms. Lahore got 4 mms of rain.
Sukkur, dry and hot shoots up to 43c.

The estimate for an UAC in the Bay remains the same..around 28th July.


Vikas said...

Rajeshji, do you mean 4mm instead of cm for Gurgaon?

Abhijit Modak said...

Full day was overcast with just 1mm noted till 7pm but 3 to 4 Heavy rain spells in Badlapur from 7pm to 10pm period. So 15mm rain measured in 3hrs. So today 8.30am to 11pm period, 16mm measured here. Now hoping for some sharp spells in night also.

venkatesh said...

Today north bangalore(near GKVK) got half an hour of heavy rain.

Joshi said...

Hyderabad received good showers this evening. I sestimate around 25-30mm.
I think many places in Telangana might have received good rains too.

Shitij said...

Despite of heavy cloud cover no rain in Surat.

Abhijit Modak said...

Night added just 3mm here in Badlapur. So total past 24hrs rain is 19mm now(i.e yesterday 8.30am to today 8.30am),very dense & thick black cover from early morning but just continuous drizzling on!

Abhijit Modak said...

Latest Radar image of Mumbai showing raining in many parts of North Pune District also, so much needed rain there as that full area is farming belt.

Anonymous said...

in this age of "vagaries" few things are certain:
IMD hotch potch forecast

Repeated failures of Mumbai doppler radar !

Vijayanand said...

Cloudy start for the day in bangalore. North bangalore got heavy rain last evening. We in south bangalore got only light rain. Rain has been ordinary yesterday in coastal karnataka and malnad.

Ron said...

rained heavily in chembur at about 8:30 for 10 minutes...also a bit of rain at haji ali at 9:30-10:00

Pavan said...

Imd local weather for nizamabad ap showing 348mm rain in 24hr

Pavan said...

Its typo error of imd its 34.8, and rajesh sir as per ur prediction ramagundum recording an avg rainfal of 40mm since frm 3days

Abhijit Modak said...

Today Pune also fully overcast from early morning with dense clouds and in between drizzles from 9am onwards.. Very chilly as no sun out ! So this time Bay UAC bringing some hopes for Pune !

Vijayanand said...

Today is july 26th. 7 years back on this day mumbai witnessed unbelievable 96 cms. Guess around this time rain had started as well.

Pradeep said...

Rainfall in mm around Chennai ending 8.30 am today

Tamaraipakkam – 16
Madhavaram – 10
Uthukottai (Krishna Water Entry Point) – 9
Ennore – 7
Poondi – 7
Puzhal – 6
Redhills – 5
RK Pet – 5
Katpadi – 3
Tiruvallur – 2

venkatesh said...

today it rained heavily for half an hour in East bangalore (Near KR puram and ITPL)

Arpit Sharma said...

No rain today in Ghaziabad(and i guess in whole NCR).Just light drizzle only in some parts.Hoping for some rain tomorrow.

sset said...

correct-> 26 july 2005 is very special for mumbai as 15 aug 1945indep day for country. 1000mm rain in 24 hours- got mumbai into guiness record. But if see 2010,2011 Mumbai witnessed more rain than 2005 as a whole.

Ganesh said...

What a contrast :
July 26, 2005 : Roughly 830 mm in 12 hrs:
2012: 877 mm in the whole year !!

Abhijit Modak said...

26 July 2005 really Unforgettable day for Badlapur, Mumbai suburbs area. Almost 1200-1500mm in 24 hrs in Badlapur too. Badlapur Barrage dam's all Gates got uprooted(Gates were of 100tones but water force uprooted it) from base and whole Dam was burst and washed away as Highest Flood Level crossed 24 m mark ! This was British era dam specially built for Ordnance Factory! Now used for Badlapur- Ambernath city water supply! Again rebuilt in 2006

sset said...

very very nostalgic - espacially dam built in British era - destroyed by rains - again rebuilt.

Abhijit - when exactly will Matheran British toy train start? How do we book in advance. Please send any agent or booking contact details? Are private vehicles allowed on top?


Rajesh said...

venkatesh/vijayanand; seems B'lore receiving rains in scattered areas..
Arpit/vikas: Delhi NCR is scheduled to get some showers..and reports are coming in..

Abhijit Modak said...

@ sset. Matheran toy train is closed in monsoon period i.e (from 15 June to 15 October period). But you can hire Taxi from Neral Railway station for Matheran. All vehicles have permission upto Dasturi Naka only. After that no vehicle is allowed as after that there is no Vehicle zone start to protect Matheran from pollution. It is the only Hill station where vehicles are not allowed . You can use only Horse as transporation. Rest detail you can find out from Internet by doing google search. Railway booking is available on online also on There you can get advance reservation for Neral- Matheran toy train. But now monsoon period so might be no toy train available!

Vijayanand said...

@Abhijit Modak ,
"26 July 2005 really Unforgettable day for Badlapur, Mumbai suburbs area. Almost 1200-1500mm in 24 hrs in Badlapur"
That's amazing.....quite frightening as well. 120 to 150 cms in 24 hours....thats more than yearly rain for a lot of cities :)

Posted Monday 6th July Afternoon: Western End of Monsoon axis slides South and is at system AS-2...and follows a uneven line as