Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Posted Tuesday Evening 6.30 pm IST:
"Extremely Severe Cyclonic Storm".."Amphan" now at 17N and 86.9E (Storm Centre is 690 kms S/SE of Kolkata) having moved Northwards.
Winds estimated at 200-210 kmph and Estimated  pressure 950 hpa.

To cross West Bengal Sundarbans, Near Digha,  region by 20th afternoon/Evening.. But with winds at around 165 kmph and Gusts squally at 185 kmph.

Kolkata: Wednesday will be Cyclonic Weather ..Squally winds at around 80-100 kmph. Continuous intermittent rains. about 100 mms.

Posted Tuesday 19th May Noon:

"Amphan"...Super Cyclonic Storm" ...Tracks North/North-Eastwards..Will track till the end ...towards West Bengal Coastline/Bangladesh Coast by 20th...N/NE along the edge periphery of the Ridge...
Now Located at 16N,  86.8E...480 km nearly south of Paradip (Odisha), 630 km south-southwest of Digha (West Bengal) , 800 kms S/SE of Kolkata and 750 km south-southwest of Khepupara (Bangladesh)..
Current Estimated Winds 25/225 kmph...
Estimated Pressure 930 hpa and Intensity T 5.9 (Average)
Eye wall entrenched in the Western side  of the eye and showing no eye wall in the Eastern side (Easterly Shear.) ....completing the Eye Wall replacement cycle  
Likely to weaken to Extremely Severe Cyclone.

Potential Damage Expected i Coastal West Bengal..Damage Expected:  Extensive damage to all types of kutcha houses, some damage to old badly managed Pucca structures. Potential threat from flying objects.  Extensive uprooting of communication and power poles.  Disruption of rail/road link at several places.  Extensive damage to standing crops, plantations, orchards.  Blowing down of Palm and coconut trees.  Uprooting of large bushy trees.  Large boats and ships may get torn from their moorings. ( IMD Warning)

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