Friday, May 01, 2020

1 May 2020..Happy Maharashtra state formation day ..

May is the hottest month of the state (as it is over major parts of the country) . 

Average May month temps over Maharashtra..

1) May month ..Max temp averages in c 

2) May month ..Min temp averages in c

General discussion of May month weather -

The Kokan Goa coast is warm, breezy and humid (Mumbai) .
Though max temps may be lower , but the humidity and higher min temps increases the sultriness.
Interior Kokan is hot and bit less humid (Thane) .
The hotness and dryness increases over the plains near the base of Sahyadri ghats (Karjat),though the sun is not as harsh at Kokan compared to the Deccan.Also, the Kokan evenings are breezy . 

The Northern Sahyadri ghat / Satpura range is warm and dry (Toranmal) because of altitude over 1000 metres.The dry air and relatively cool nights make the warm temps bearable.
South Sahyadri ghats are less hot and dry with temps decreasing as per altitude (Mahabaleshwar, 1350 mtrs altitude).

Western Madhya Maharashtra (Pune,Kolhapur) is relatively less hot and dry compared to eastern Madhya Maharashtra (Malegaon,Solapur).The min temps offer relief from the day time heat of the region.

The hotness and dryness increases as we move east towards Marathwada (Sambhajinagar,Parbhani) . At relatively higher altitude (650 mtrs) of Dharashiv , the temps are a bit lower than other parts of Marathwada.

At relatively higher altitude (650 mtrs) of Buldhana plateau, the temps are a bit lower than other parts of Western Vidarbha (Akola).
Satpura range (Chikaldara) offers some relief from the intense heat of the region because of altitude over 1000 metres.The dry air and relatively cool nights make the warm temps of Satpura , bearable.

The hottest region is Eastern Vidarbha (Nagpur).

The heat over the state is punctured by occassional thunderstorms which follow the line of wind discontinuity (lwd).
During May month (also during the entire summer) , the rains are least and variable over the North western part of the state (Mumbai) and increase (upto 40 to 50 mms May monthly average) towards the south of the state (Vengurla , Kolhapur, Mahabaleshwar).
South Sahyadris (Mahabaleshwar) may turn a bit foggy during the mornings and evenings, during the latter half of May month.


Abhijit Modak said...

Happy Maharashtra Day!

Rohit, Nice presentation of Maharashtra May Weather Averages.

Rohit Aroskar said...

Thanks Abhijit

NilaY Wankawala said...

Great going Rohit... keeping readers busy with interesting data.... Thanks Rajesh sir for continued updates on many things and keeping blog alive all the time...

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