Monday, May 18, 2020

Post 6.30 pm IST (Monday)

"Amphan"...Super Cyclonic Storm...on 18th Evening...At 14.4N , 86.4E...980 kms S/SE of Kolkata....winds speed 230-240 kmph...Estimates Core Pressure 925 hpa...Eye diameter 15 kms...Intensity T 6.5.
Crossing/Lowest MSLP expected Estimated at 923 hpa

Inundation of Low lying areas of 24 Parganas by Storm Surge of 4/5 metres and in East Medinipur by 3/4 metres. (West Bengal).

Expected to cross on the West Bengal/Bangladesh Border Coast on 20th...

Kolkata: Squally winds and rains commence from 19th evening..20th: squall at 125 kmph and 150 mms of rainfall'

Upto 20 cms of rains in coastal areas expected.

Arabian Sea Branch of South West Monsoon may see slight delay...but around Vagaries' date for Kerala around 4th/5th June.
 Next update 12 noon Tuesday 19th
"Amphan" Upgraded to "Super Cyclonic Storm " 18th 12.30 pm..230-240 kmph estimated winds   Cat 4

next Update 6.30 pm IST Monday
Posted on 18th May Afternoon:

As on 18th Afternoon:

Dangerous Cyclone Amphan in Bay of Bengal Poised to Rapidly Intensify

Extremely Severe Cyclonic Storm "Amphan"...Location 13.3N  86.4E....1000 kms S/SW of Kolkata....Estimated Core Pressure now 945-950 hpa (Landfall Estimated pressure could be 930-935 hpa)....Estimated core winds now180-190 kmph....Gusts 210 kmph.....Centre Temp -51.7c and Cloud Region -83.3c....Eye Diameter 20 kms...Intensity T 6.4

NLM of South West Monsoon

Kolkata: Very Heavy rains from Tuesday 19th Evening and  on 20th...130-170 mms  with Squally winds 90-110 kmph.


NilaY Wankawala said...

Sir I Appeeciate your frequent updates on current status. The most reliable and to the point information without creating any unnecassary panic as seen in other media.

Kaustubh said...

Sir your updates are fantastic, will this cyclone delay onset of monsoon over kerala?